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Vegetables Archive

Vegetables wrapped in flaky phyllo dough may all seem similar (think spanikopita), but this recipe is extra delicious. Created by personal chef Maria Sakellariou, Greek Autumn Savory Strudel combines mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, chestnuts, and apples for an unforgettable pastry. Greek Autumn Savory Strudel is Number 8 on our list of the Top Thirty Recipes celebrating […]

A “gratin” is a fancy name for a “casserole” and most gratins are layers of vegetables covered in cream. The sweet-and-spicy taste of this gratin, Sweet Potato-Chipotle, is irresistible. Originally created by Dawn Meyer for a cooking class featuring our favorite Emile Henry gratin bakeware, this easy recipe with five ingredients is always a crowd […]

For 42 years, chef Jean-Pierre Augé has taught French cooking classes in St. Louis. Kitchen Conservatory is so fortunate that he has shared his expertise once a month, every month at Kitchen Conservatory for the last 30 years. Celebrate our anniversary by making one of our favorite recipes: Jean-Pierre’s upside-down Tomato Tarte Tatin, a scrumptious, […]

Our recipe countdown continues with #29: Roasted Asparagus with Salsa Verde. We have never tired of eating this fresh, colorful, and piquant salsa. Originally created by Kirk Warner of Kirk’s Traveling Kitchen, the asparagus salsa is a favorite topping for grilled fish, but the salsa is also delicious on omelets, beef, and chips — or […]

The best part of the fall season is the arrival of all the wonderful winter squashes. The hard shell of squash is intimidating to a dull knife. What to do? Microwaving the squash for 10-30 seconds will soften the squash and enable you to cut it open more easily. For more leverage, use a 5-inch […]

The nine-month wait is over; we have dug our crop of hardneck garlic and the fresh garlic is available for purchase at Kitchen Conservatory. Also available are beautiful, large red shallots. Stop by to load up on these essential ingredients. Supplies are limited and we always sell out of garlic and shallots! Why buy fresh […]

By request, here are our all-time favorite dishes for Thanksgiving from the staff of Kitchen Conservatory. We wish you a happy and blessed and delicious Thanksgiving Day. Our store will be closed on Thursday, but we are open on Wednesday and Friday from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. Sweet Potato-Chipotle Gratin from Dawn Meyer 4 […]

For many farmers, this year’s growing season was terrible: early warmup, late frost, heat wave, and punishing drought. But the tomato plants loved the hot weather and the drought meant that the tomatoes were not overwatered. Too much rain and the tomato plants mold. The tomatoes this year are the best I have ever tasted. […]

The back of a recently-purchased package of pine nuts has this warning: “In rare instances, people may experience a sensitivity reaction from pine nuts, termed “pine mouth,” which is characterized by a metallic taste that resolves without treatment.” “Pine Mouth” can last for more than a week and can make all kinds of food taste […]

Fresh, sweet corn is so delicious and versatile in cooking — soups, salads, sauces, side dishes, even desserts are irresistable when made with corn. But good corn can be difficult to find. Corn is usually sold naked in supermarkets. Ears of corn need their protective husks; removing the husk shortens the lifespan of the sugars […]