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Archive for March, 2011

What’s not love about a small, perfect bite of sweet deliciousness? Cupcakes are so hard to resist that Kitchen Conservatory is going cupcake crazy. Each week we will post a new cupcake recipe and bake these delicious treats at Kitchen Conservatory. Stop by to taste our favorite cupcakes! We have loads of colorful cupcake papers […]

No, you cannot plant garlic in the spring; garlic must be planted in fall and then the garlic grows over the winter. When spring arrives, the garlic plants are nearly a foot tall! Weeding begins in earnest and we will also feed the plants. We planted 2,100 garlic cloves last October (16 rows containing 130 […]

The season of eating fish is here and Kitchen Conservatory is offering some brand-new cooking classes featuring exciting and delicious fish recipes. No more fish sticks or fish cakes! Two very talented chefs will be cooking from the freshest catch of the day. These all-fish cooking classes will excite your tastebuds as you watch the […]

Adding a smoky flavor to foods can make a dish memorable. Today’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch Let’s Eat features a salad dressing made with smoked onions. Of course, you could just eat the smoked onions by themselves as they are a wonderful condiment. Their Caesar salad dressing recipe calls for pureeing the smoked onions with mayonnaise. […]

“Can you do a class on healthy foods?” With pleasure! Since mental health is just as important as physical health, healthy foods are foods that taste delicious and make you happy. Unhealthy foods have no flavor or taste. Healthy foods are so tasty that you are satisfied with a small amount. Unhealthy foods are foods […]