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Archive for January, 2011

Yes, we all love to eat tortilla chips with guacamole at next Sunday’s party, but how about thinking outside the bag? I like to serve a variety of vehicles for eating party dips. Try some of these new crunchies at the next TV party: Fried Chips (cooking in 350-degree vegetable oil and immediately sprinkled with […]

Everyone loves to cook when the weather is cold! Many of our most popular cooking classes are sold out, but these classes still have space available and should not be missed: Sunday, January 30: Matt Herren, an extraordinary bread baker who uses natural leavening will share the secrets of his artisanal breads in a very […]

When preparing meat for cooking, the meat should be trimmed and inedible parts removed. Unfortunately, few butchers adequately trim the meat for cooking; home cooks must complete the trimming. Silverskin is the shiny, fibrous, inedible layer on tenderloins, in-between the meat and fat. Since tenderloin is so tender, the layer of fat is not necessary, […]

On cold and blustery snowy days, I like to eat brightly-flavored food that will warm me up. This Thai-style chicken dish features a strong citrus taste and is delicious served over rice cooked with peas. The turmeric gives the sauce an attractive color. The heat of the chile peppers will warm you up! Lemon-Lime Chicken […]

Let’s bust some myths about cooking. Just because your grandmother always cut the roast in half to fit her pan does not mean that all roasts should be cut in half! Here are corrections to some common misconceptions: 1. Cream does not curdle when boiled. Cream does boil over easily, so cream that comes to […]