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Archive for June, 2011

In your tummy. Today, we dug all of our 2,000 heads of garlic and fresh garlic tastes best when eaten fresh. If 2,000 people each bought one head of garlic at Kitchen Conservatory, our storage problem would be solved! Come on in and taste how delicious freshly-dug garlic is! Fresh garlic is not bitter, but […]

China grows 12 million tons of garlic. India grows 600,000 tons of garlic. The United States grows 200,000 tons of garlic. In our little garden plot, we grow 0.1 ton of garlic. May not seem like a lot of garlic in the global market, but we are doing our best to corner the garlic market […]

Everyone understands the pleasures of homemade bread, but crackers? It’s so easy to buy good crackers, why would anyone make crackers? Then, I went to a party that served homemade crackers and I could not rest until I mastered crackers. Thanks, Joan, for introducing me to the delicious crunch of homemade crackers! Crackers are so […]

The cupcake craze has not abated. Our classes on cupcakes are hugely popular, particularly when taught by Dawn Meyer, whose delicious cupcakes feature precise instructions. Don’t miss signing up for Dawn’s next available cupcake class on September 23 (rum-raisin cupcakes!). Register for Cooking Classes. Triple Ginger Cupcakes with White Chocolate Ganache 1-3/4 cups sifted cake […]