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Archive for March, 2012

The combination of cake and custard has many names: tiramisu, charlotte, trifle, zuppa inglese, bavarian, or summer pudding. The addition of the custard keeps the cake moist and lengthens the shelf-life. Cake tastes best the day it is made; tiramisu (which uses mascarpone cheese instead of custard) is delicious for days. Traditionally, tiramisu is flavored […]

This beautiful appetizer is bound to be a hit. The grilling season has opened (with an 80-degree day today), so fire up the grill with a delicious bite of beef tenderloin. Brush up on your grilling techniques on our outdoor grill in these upcoming cooking classes: “Grill Interrupted” on Sunday, April 29 “Grilling University: Fish […]

Celebrate Pi Day (March 14) by baking a pie! One of the most delicious pies is chess pie, a southern transparent pie that has nothing to do with the game of chess. Traditionally, chess pie is an open-faced pie flavored with lots of lemon. Chess pie is best served at room temperature. Chess Pie ½ […]

Sugar — along with salt and fat — make food taste delicious. Sugar balances the tastes of salt and sour and hot. Sugar is not only for dessert; caramelizing the sugars in savory food makes the dish taste better. My goal is to eat the most delicious foods possible. Sugar is a necessity in these […]