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Archive for January, 2013

A critical job in any kitchen is the clean up. Ten conscientious and hard-working people work as Kitchen Assistants at Kitchen Conservatory and they make sure that the cooking classes run smoothly and that the kitchen is cleaned up and ready for the next class. Our fringe benefits include delicious food and everyone who works […]

Rook Cooks: Simplicity at its Finest, a brand-new cookbook from Lou Rook , is now available at Kitchen Conservatory! Chef Lou Rook, who grew up in a restaurant family, has been the executive chef at Annie Gunn’s for twenty years. His much anticipated cookbook includes eighty delectable recipes. Lou Rook was recently invited to cook […]

The ingredients called for in recipes can sometimes be very confusing. Here are answers to frequently asked questions on recipe instructions: “What is a clove?” If a recipe calls for “2 cloves,” is that garlic or a spice? Clove has two definitions: 1. The individual pieces that make up a head of garlic; that is, […]