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Archive for February, 2012

We have found it difficult to make bread at the same time as making a full dinner. We do not want to bake the bread ahead of time, as we want it to serve it hot. Is there a way that it can be made partially and refrigerated and then finished? After which step or […]

Sous vide is a method of slow-cooking food in a temperature-controlled water bath. Restaurants have machines to monitor the temperature, but can home cooks easily duplicate this technique? Pork chops are very difficult to cook because they dry out so easily. The meat is so lean that I had stopped buying pork chops. But I […]

How to make vegetables more exciting? Add onions, bacon, pasta, and cheese! Every vegetable tastes better with those ingredients. This recipe was surprise favorite from a recent cooking class. Join us for our next homemade pasta class, Posh Pasta, on Tuesday, February 28 at 6 pm. Pappardelle with Roasted Cauliflower Sauce 1 head cauliflower, separated […]

Sometimes a cooking class can change your eating habits. I was never a fan of yogurt; it seemed like boring diet food. Then, Maria Sakellariou taught a class on how to make homemade Greek-style yogurt. Wow. I started making yogurt regularly at home. I find excuses to use my yogurt in foods (homemade yogurt mixed […]

Our Spring Cooking Class schedule is loaded with thrilling cooking classes: Travel back to the 1920s — the golden age of the cocktail — with Clara Moore (chef of Local Harvest) and Ryan Wilsmeier (mixologist of Sanctuaria for “Paris During the Prohibition,” which features a remarkable French dinner with three classic drinks on Tuesday, May […]