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Archive for September, 2012

A customer recently asked, “What does it mean when a recipe says to cream the butter?” Well, it does not mean to add cream — as he then asked, “the recipe doesn’t say how much cream to add.” To “cream” means more than just mixing together. To “mix” or to “stir” means to just blend […]

Join us for a brand-new four-part cooking class, which starts this Thursday, September 13 at 6 pm: Modern Techniques of Cooking. Each class will feature meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, and fruits that are cooked and prepared in deliciously different ways. Part 1 features wet cooking, including sous-vide cooking at low temperatures, plus gentle poaching in […]

Need a make-ahead appetizer that people can’t stop eating? This creamy, flavorful Mediterranean torte is both pretty and delicious. Several tips for making this dip even more flavorful: Dried fruits, such as raisins or sun-dried tomatoes, taste much better if they are softened and rehydrated. Place the dried fruit in hot water for about 5 […]