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Archive for November, 2011

Every cook needs — and wants — an 8-inch chef’s knife. The best knife from the best knifemaker, Wusthof-Trident Cutlery, is now available at a great price: $99.95 for a chef’s knife, kitchen shears, and sharpener. Every kitchen needs another set of kitchen shears and a good knife sharpener. Save $105 off of the list […]

Please stop by Kitchen Conservatory on Sunday, November 20 from 12 to 4 pm for our annual Champagne Stroll. Sample refreshments and delicious from-scratch cooking. Pick up a copy of our new Winter Cooking Class Schedule. Make sure you have all the equipment for Turkey Day (gravy separator, turkey stock, turkey lifter, potato ricer). Kitchen […]

One year, I forgot to remove the bag of giblets from inside of the turkey. We laughed and took a picture of the bag of giblets cooked inside the turkey. Yes, the turkey was safe to eat. The stress of cooking a big meal on a big day for a lot of people always inspires […]

“Do you have a cookie cutter in the shape of …?” Yes, we do! We have hundreds of different shapes of cookie cutters. Baby shower shapes, dinosaurs, different varieties of dogs, zoo animals, fish, states, awareness ribbons, fleur-de-lys, martini glasses, wedding themes, clothing, shop tools, fruits and vegetables, planes, trains, automobiles — we carry over […]

Recipe writers often repeat directions without considering whether that instruction is the best way to make the dish. Here are some common mistakes in recipes: Don’t flour the meat before browning. Many stew recipes call for tossing the meat in flour before browning in fat. But the flour easily burns and adds an off taste […]

200 new cooking classes are now available! Don’t miss out on some of the wonderful teachers and delicious menus on the Winter 2012 calendar. Register now. Here are some highlights: Valentine for Couples features a dozen different scrumptious menus for celebrating romance. These hands-on cooking classes always sell out, so choose your favorite dinner to […]