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What's Stirring

Our sweet, juicy homegrown garlic is NOW available at Kitchen Conservatory! 2000 hard-neck garlic cloves were planted last fall in our Ladue garden to satisfy (y)our love for this variety of garlic.

Freshly-dug garlic is unlike any garlic you have ever tasted. Order garlic today and we will ship you our moist and juicy fresh garlic. Garlic is never better than the moment it is harvested. Supermarkets sell last year’s dried garlic, which is often bitter. Our fresh garlic can be eaten like a vegetable, particularly when roasted at 275 degrees for 30 minutes. Yum!

garlic15    garlic2016   JPEG image-0E8D4ECC9EF7-1

Celebrate the garlic harvest at our cooking class on Tue, July 11, 2017: There is No Such Thing as Too Much Garlic.

We have created a private Facebook group for our customers who love to eat and cook! Please join us on Cooks of Kitchen Conservatory.  Log in to your Facebook page and request to join us.

You are welcome to share your cooking experiences, ask cooking questions, share recipes and favorite kitchen tools, ask for classes that you do not see on our cooking class schedule, or ask questions about any of the classes on our schedule so that we can help you find the class perfect for your needs! We will give you a preview of unpublished classes, share some recipes, and give you some exclusive offers!

You must be a registered customer of Kitchen Conservatory to be part of this group. That simply means that you have registered for a cooking class or bought products from our website,

On any day of any week, the team and teachers at Kitchen Conservatory are excited for the classes that will be held in our two teaching kitchens, but four times a year the enthusiasm grows as we release our new quarterly newsletter, What’s Stirring. Our summer classes are now available on our website, and the printed newsletter will be mailed out this week.

  • Take one of our four Dine and Dance classes for couples, starting with a one-hour dance lesson with professional dancers Lauren Wilmore or Tal Stein, then cook a fabulous meal with your partner in the kitchen. Our four dine and dance classes are:
    • Salsa Salsa on May 13 or September 16
    • Big Band Swing on June 17 or October 21
    • Sizzle and Samba on July 22 or November 18
    • Last Tango in Paris on August 19 or December 9
  • The Chef and Fishmonger demonstration class challenges the chef to do what they love most – create sumptuous dishes without a menu or recipe, based on the market basket of fresh fish from Bob’s Seafood.
    • Ivy Magruder, of Panorama, on May 15
    • Ben Grupe, of Elaia and Olio, on August 22
  • These pie classes will satisfy your sweet tooth:
    • Pretty Pie Maintenance on May 23
    • Heir and a Parent: The Apple of My Pie on June 17
    • Fill Up with Pie on June 26
    • Pie-Eating Grins and Cocktails on June 30
  • A few of our demonstration classes that our fans have been wanting!
    • The Secrets of Pasta with an Italian Chef with Giannicola Colucci, of Cielo at Four Seasons, on June 14
    • Ottolenghi-Style: Jerusalem with Mickey Kitterman on June 15
    • Every Bite is Calorie-Worthy with Tyler Davis, of Element and Purveyors Table, on July 10
    • A Private A-Fare with Pete Fagan, of Tony’s, on July 17
    • “Meat” the Boys in the Backroom with Alex Cupp and Ben Grupe on July 24
    • Swine and Wine: Don’t Go Bacon My Heart with Lou Rook and Glenn Bardgett, of Annie Gunn’s, on August 5
  • Looking for a gluten-free class?
    • The Gluten-Free Bakeover on May 24
    • Paleo and Gluten-Free Summer Cooking on June 29
    • Delicious Desserts without the Gluten on July 6
    • A Plan for Paleo on September 7
    • Beyond Wheatless Wonder Breads on October 8
    • A Gluten-Free Celebration of Desserts on November 18
  • Strictly vegan:
    • Take a Bite Out of Summer with Caryn Dugan on June 24
    • Everyday Vegan Essentials with Susan Caciano on July 8
    • In the Kitchen with Caryn – From Pho to Falafel with Caryn Dugan on July 22
    • Vegans Are on the Chopping Block with Margi Kahn on August 3
    • The Nuts and Bolts of Vegan Condiments with Susan Caciano on September 16
  • Put the kids in our kitchen this summer! We offer classes for children only (ages 7 to 11), and classes for a parent and child (Heir and a Parent):
    • Kids only!
      • Culinary Bootcamp – a 3-day class on June 6, 7, and 8
      • I Can Cook… Bootcamp – a 3-day class on July 11, 12, and 13
      • Baking Bootcamp – a 3-day class on August 1, 2, and 3
      • I Can Cook… Pasta on August 19
      • The Master Food Builders of Lego on August 26
    • Parent and Child classes:
      • The Apple of My Pie on June 17
      • Like a Kid in a Candy Store on June 24 or September 9
      • Wizards in the Kitchen on July 16 or September 23
      • Put This in Your Picnic Basket on July 22
  • Decorating cakes, cupcakes, and cookies:
    • The Art of Decorating Cupcakes on June 19 or August 7
    • Summer Cookie Cutter Couture on June 27
    • Let’s Be Frank about Pretty Cake Decorating on June 28 or September 6
  • Weeknight cooking at home! Need to have dinner on the table in a hurry?
    • Get Out of the Box with a Meal Planner with Barb Nack on July 23
    • Laissez-“Fare” with Crystal Stevens on July 29
    • Life is Complicated, Dinner is Easy with Josh Charles on August 13
  • Take a canning class!
    • If I’m Not in a Jam, I’m in a Pickle with Josh Galliano on June 10
    • Naturally Sweet Canning with Devon Drag on August 23
    • Can You do the Can-Can? with Robin Wheeler on August 27
  • Give a big warm welcome to these teachers:
    • Christine Cradock Allhoff is teaching three demonstration classes
      • Slow and Steady Wins the Braise on June 6
      • Fresh Fare Will Do You Good on August 8
      • Ah-Chew! Gesundheit! on September 19
    • George and Jessica Chronis, of Olea Estates, are teaching The Family Tree of Olives on June 12.
    • Tyler Davis, of Element and Purveyors Table is teaching Every Bite is Calorie-Worthy on July 10
    • Jane Campbell is teaching A Brine in Time Makes Pickles on July 13
    • Emily Lamb and Mallory Newbern, of The Tipsy Goat, are teaching The Tipsy Goat Macarons on August 15
  • We are often asked for recommendations for the right class for the student who wants to learn how to cook a meal or learn some cooking techniques, including newlyweds, retired adults that haven’t learned how to cook or want a refresher, or even high school or college students. Here are a few suggestions!
    • Prep School with Barb Nack includes knife skills and creating a soup, stir-fry, and pasta dish, on May 22 or August 6
    • The Highs and Lowes of Grilling with Jon Lowe on May 28
    • Fish Tales with Jack MacMurray on May 31
    • Grilling University – Beef 101 with Barb Nack on June 15
    • Thigh-High in Chicken with Jon Lowe on June 25
    • Perfectly Sauced with Mickey Kitterman on June 27
    • Fire-Works for Grilling with Jon Lowe on July 2
    • We the Pizza with Margi Kahn on July 7
    • Mind Your B’s and Q’s with Anne Cori on July 12
    • Grilling University – Chicken and Vegetables 101 with Barb Nack on July 13
    • When I’m Not a Crab, I’m a Sole Man with Jon Lowe on July 16
    • Stir-Fry Me to the Moon with Naam Pruitt on July 18
    • The Basics of Cooking with Barb Nack is a 4-part class on July 19, 26, August 2, and August 9
    • Game Day with Josh Charles on July 23
    • Chicken-Centric with Anne Cori on August 8
    • Taco the Town with Mickey Kitterman on August 12
With over 850 cooking classes each year, we want to have the right class for each and every student that wants to learn more about cooking, or simply have fun with the experience!
We are always giddy with excitement when our quarterly cooking class schedule has been published. Check out some of our exciting  teachers and classes for the spring! If you are looking for a specific teacher or theme, use the boxes under the headings on our cooking class page! Simply type in the teacher’s name in the box under chef, or type in the type of class you want in the box under class title and description. For example, type in sushi, and filter the entire listing so that you only see the sushi classes!
  • Margi Kahn has a great lineup of bread, pizza, and gluten-free cooking classes.
  • If you love to read, take a Novel Cuisine class with Anne Cori or Mickey Kitterman.
  • Welcome Cary Exler, of Salume Beddu, with a Southern-style dinner on February 23.
  • Josh Galliano, of Companion Baking, is teaching his annual hands-on gumbo class on February 26, and a canning class on June 10.
  • Britt and Kevin Pellegrino are teaching a Filipino class on March 5.
  • Devon Drag is teaching Whole 30 classes on March 5 and May 27.
  • John Messbarger, of Peacemaker Lobster & Crab Co., is teaching Pub Food and Ale on March 6.
  • Rachel Moeller, of Milque Toast Bar, is teaching two exciting classes – a demonstration class on Italian desserts on March 12, and a hands-on class on fabulous spoon desserts on May 11.
  • Pete Fagan, of Tony’s, has openings in some of his very popular demonstration classes, and has added an extra class in April on morels.
  • Brian Hardesty, of Guerrilla Street Foods, is in the Philippines right now with his partner doing research and will share his travel experiences in a class on March 23.
  • Vegetarian and vegan classes are offered by Caryn Dugan, Crystal and Eric Stevens, and Susan Caciano.
  • Jason Tilford, of Milagro Modern Mexican and Mission Taco Joint, is teaching a tamale class on March 27.
  • Our popular knife skills class with Clark Stone is available on March 28 or March 29.
  • Lou Rook III and Glenn Bardgett, of Annie Gunn’s, will be teaching an extraordinary burger class on April 1. No fooling!
  • Take a 5-hour in-depth Day in the Kitchen cooking class!
    • April 2: Bread Basket with Anne  Cori
    • April 8: Pasta Workshop with Kirk Warner
    • April 22: French Pastry with Barry Marcus
    • June 3: Fish and Seafood with Kirk Warner
  • Barb Nack offers two four-week courses for the novice cook and someone comfortable in the kitchen! The Basics of Cooking starts on April 4, and Beyond Basics starts on April 19.
  • Welcome Rachel Epplin-Rincker with two great dessert classes, You Always Remember Dessert on April 9, and All Wrapped Up in Candy Bars on May 7.
  • Giannicola Colucci, of Cielo at Four Seasons, is teaching 3 exciting demonstration classes.
  • Matt Seiter, of BC’s Kitchen, is back with another class on cocktails on April 23.
  • Dennis Murray, of McCormick & Schmick’s, is teaching a phenomenal seafood class on May 17.
  • Vincent Marsden, of Vincent Van Doughnuts, is teaching a doughnut class on May 21.
  • Welcome Jordan McLaren with two pie classes, Pretty Pie Maintenance on May 23, and Heir and a Parent: The Apple of My Pie on June 17.
  • Tamara Keefe, owner of Clementine’s Naughty and Nice Creamery, is teaching an ice cream class on June 5.
  • Marie-Anne Velasco, of Nudo House, is teaching a stir-fry class on April 24, and a sushi class on June 10.
  • Our incredible variety of Date Night classes are offered every weekend with some of our favorite teachers including Mickey Kitterman, Barb Nack, Naam Pruitt, Anne Cori, Dawn Meyer and Larry Meyers, Robin Wheeler, Maria Sakellariou, Jon Lowe, Aruna Gopinath, Julie Malloy, Josh Charles, and Frank McGinty.

The gift of cooking is the gift that has long-lasting benefits!

Here are some exciting four-part participation classes that will make a memorable and much appreciated gift. Basics of Cooking is perfect for the beginner, Beyond Basics is a great class for anyone who knows their way around the kitchen, and French Favorites 4×4 is perfect for the cook comfortable in the kitchen with a desire to master four complete classic French dinners.

Thursday, January 5, 12, 19, 26
If you already know your way around the kitchen and are comfortable with the basics of cooking, then elevate your everyday cooking techniques in this four-week course. Learn to make sauces, marinades, chowder, polenta, pie, custard, soufflé, cream puffs, pizza, pasta, fried chicken, and more. The class will cook a variety of meat and seafood, plus learn how to use the pressure cooker, stovetop smoker, and cast iron cookware. A sampling of many of the dishes that will be made include red wine-braised short ribs, cedar-planked smoked salmon with jalapeño-apricot glaze, lobster pot stickers, spicy cast iron skillet shrimp, smoked duck breast with plum sauce, chocolate pots de crème, and apple pie with caramel sauce.

Tuesday, January 10, 17, 24, 31
Designed for the home cook who is comfortable in the kitchen, work side-by-side with Anne Cori to master four complete classic French dinners in this four-part class. This hands-on class will make coquilles St. Jacques, moules frites, poached eggs with hollandaise, vol-au-vents aux fruits de mer, boeuf bourguignon, navarin of lamb, duck confit, rabbit in mustard sauce, gratin dauphinoise, celeriac purée, soubise, pommes dauphine, tarte Tatin, île flottante, Grand Marnier soufflé, and apple charlotte.

Thursday, February 16, 23, March 2, 9
Learn the basics of cooking in this introductory hands-on course. In four weeks, these classes will provide clear and concise recipes for everyday cooking. The class focuses on simple techniques for easily cooking homemade dinners. Learn how to roast, pan-sear, stir-fry, make soups and simple sauces, bake from scratch, plus how to make omelets. Learn to prepare wonderful meals, including beef-broccoli stir-fry with perfect rice, roast beef with mashed potatoes and gravy, sautéed chicken, vegetable soup, pan-fried tilapia with homemade tartar sauce, popovers with lemon butter, chocolate cake with ganache, plus chocolate mousse.

Register here!



Be our guest at a champagne toast to Chef Jean-Pierre Augé

Saturday, December 17, 1:30 pm

Starting in 1971, Jean-Pierre Augé set the standard on how to teach cooking classes with gorgeous French menus and a wealth of entertaining stories. Chef Jean-Pierre Augé became an apprentice chef in his hometown of Vatan, France at the age of thirteen. He has cooked for President Charles de Gaulle, the Queen of England, President Dwight Eisenhower, the Kennedys, Aristotle Onassis, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, vice-presidents, secretaries of state, and several U.S. astronauts. When Assumption Abbey in Ava, Missouri, was developing their bakery and famous fruitcakes, they sought the help of world class chef Jean-Pierre Augé in providing the recipe for the fruitcake that graces many holiday tables.

Chef Jean-Pierre Augé has taught French cooking classes for forty-five years, including 32 years at Kitchen Conservatory. He will teach his last memorable Saturday morning class on December 17 before hanging up his toque, and we will honor him at the end of that class with a champagne celebration.

Please let us know if you will be joining us as our guest! We want to make sure we have plenty of champagne!


Our NEW Winter cooking class schedule is now available with hundreds of exciting classes taught by 65 chefs and culinary educators!

Meet some of our new and returning teachers!

  • Matt Seiter, of BC’s Kitchen, is teaching our first demonstration cocktail class on December 18.
  • Michael Friedman, of Retreat Gastropub, is teaching a hands-on class that starts with a Bloody Mary and candied bacon on December 21.
  • Cary Exler, of Salume Beddu, is teaching a hands-on class showcasing his favorite desserts from Baltimore on December 23, and a demonstration class creating an untraditional Southern-style dinner on February 23.
  • Rachel Moeller, of Milque Toast Bar, is teaching a fun hands-on class building tacos, toast, and tostadas on December 28, and a demonstration class on Italian desserts on March 12.
  • Rosalie Truong, of Grand Army Farm, is teaching a demonstration class on Vietnamese bahns on December 29.
  • Marie-Anne Velasco, of Nudo, is teaching a hands-on stir-fry class on January 3, and a hands-on sushi class on February 11.
  • Joseph Hemp, of Robust, is teaching our popular Chef and Fishmonger demonstration class on January 10.
  • Mary Bogacki, of Yolklore, is teaching a demonstration class with orange-glazed cinnamon raisin biscuits, morning glory muffins, cinnamon crumble cake, plus croissants and pain au chocolat on January 12.
  • Josh Charles, of Element, is teaching a demonstration class with some of his favorite dishes perfect for dinner on January 16.
  • Courtland Atwood, of Avenue, is teaching a demonstration class with homemade puff pastry on January 30
  • Rick Lewis, of Southern, is teaching a hands-on class with fried chicken and all the trimmings on February 6.
  • Saul Juarez, of Four Seasons, is teaching an irresistible demonstration chocolate class on February 6.
  • Anne Croy, of Banner Road Baking Co., is teaching a hands-on class with three unique biscuit breakfast sandwiches that will knock your socks off on February 18.
  • Britt Pellegrino is teaching a demonstration macarons class on March 5.

Register now for classes! Cooking classes are a perfect family activity during the holidays and make a thoughtful holiday gift!

Join us on Saturday, December 17 at 1:30 pm at Kitchen Conservatory

to raise a glass of champagne in honor of Chef Jean-Pierre Augé,

as he hangs up his toque after 45 years of teaching French cooking classes.

It has been a joy to have him in our kitchens.

Our Fall Cooking Class Schedule has been published. Here are cooking classes that you should not miss:

  • Kevin Nashan, chef-owner of Sidney Street Cafe on September 12.
  • Bob Colosimo of Eleven Eleven Mississippi does Tuscan on October 5.
  • Chef Josh Galliano shows his superb canning techniques on October 8.
  • Guerilla Street Food’s Brian Hardesty with a Filipino menu on October 10
  • Chef Lou Rook of Annie Gunn’s on November 5 with sommelier Glenn Bardgett.
  • Peacemaker Lobster and Crab Co’s John Messbarger on November 7.
  • Chef Bernard Pilon on November 19 with an all-lobster class.
  • Chef-owners Austin Hamblin and Michelle Allender of The Muddled Pig on November 21
  • Chef Jesse Mendica of Olive + Oak, cooks lots of fish on November 28.

For bakers, please meet these pastry chef artists:

  • Tamara Keefe of Clementine’s Naughty and Nice on September 8.
  • Beth Hughes of I Scream Cakes on October 3.
  • Chef Rob Connoley shows off his “mirroir” cakes on October 30.

Classes fill fast! Register Now.

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July 30 through August 6

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(Only cookbooks are accepted; please, no instruction manuals, magazines, or health/diet guides.)

Our sweet, juicy homegrown garlic is NOW available at Kitchen Conservatory! 2000 hard-neck garlic cloves were planted last fall in our Ladue garden to satisfy (y)our love for this variety of garlic.

garlic15    garlic2016   JPEG image-0E8D4ECC9EF7-1

We have added a demonstration garlic cooking class that is not in our summer newsletter! Register here!

Meet the Press: Garlic
Saturday, July 30
11 am to 1:30 pm
The only politics that will be discussed is whether to slice, roast, press, or infuse the garlic! Experience the incredible flavor of freshly-dug garlic, as Anne Cori creates baked olives with garlic and white bean-pesto dip – both served with homemade pita, roasted garlic-potato soufflé, homemade angel hair pasta all’aglio e olio with baked tomato Provençale topped with lemon-garlic breadcrumbs, plus fresh peach ice cream. Participants will take home fresh garlic.