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Kitchen Conservatory has been creating fun, informative YouTube videos that are gaining in popularity with over 7,000 views! Discover how to use of our favorite kitchen tools, choose a chef’s knife, tips on making perfect homemade potato chips, and fun moments from some of our popular cooking classes!

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Enjoy some of our videos, and see why We Make Cooking Fun!

Tool Time: Let’s Make Incredible Potato Chips!


Tool Time: Using a Pitting Spoon

Tool Time: Making Whipped Cream with a Cream Whipper

Tool Time: The Art of Pizza Throwing – a fun class for everyone!

The best chefs from the best restaurants are teaching cooking classes at Kitchen Conservatory this spring:

Aaron Baggett of EdgeWild on March 10.

Bob Colosimo of Eleven Eleven Mississippi on March 23, April 13, and May 18.

Alex Cupp of Adam’s Smokehouse on March 28.

Matt Daughaday of Reeds American Table on March 29.

Scott Davis of Three Flags Tavern on May 9.

Pete Fagan of Tony’s on March 14, April 18, May 23, and June 20.

Josh Galliano of Companion Baking on June 11.

Adam Gnau of Acero on June 5.

Ivy Magruder of Panorama on February 29.

Vincent Marsden of Vincent van Doughnut on April 3.

John Messbarger of Peacemaker Lobster & Crab Co. on April 11.

Sarah Mispagel of 801 Fish on May 15.

Kevin Nashan of Sidney Street Cafe on June 6.

Brian Pelletier of Kakao Chocolate on April 7.

Bernard Pilon of Norwood Hills Country Club on March 12 and June 4.

Lou Rook and Glenn Bardgett of Annie Gunn’s on April 30.

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Sit back and watch master chefs cook sumptuous meals! At Kitchen Conservatory, we offer extraordinary learning opportunities that culminate in a memorable meals. Yes, you do get to eat all the food prepared. We have openings in several upcoming demonstration cooking classes:

Karen Mitcham-Stoeckley, chef and French cookbook author, explores Provencal cuisine on Wed, January 27 — shrimp bisque, roasted quail, and cherry clafoutis.

John Messbarger, chef of Peacemaker Lobster & Crab, demonstrates lobster bisque and clam chowder on Mon, February 1.

Karmen Rayburn and Jordan Knight, owner and chef of The Blue Duck, shows how to incorporate cocktails into dinner on Mon, February 8.

Lawrence Chen, chef-owner of Private Kitchen, has a splashy show of wok-fried whole fish, plus the famous Shanghai soup dumplings on Tue, February 23.

Ivy Magruder, chef of Panorama, creates fish and shellfish masterpieces with the fresh catch from Bob’s Seafood on Mon, February 29.

Christopher Lee, chef-owner of ChefTableSTL, goes back to his classic French training with salade nicoise, boeuf bourguignonne, and tarte Tatin on Thurs, March 3.

Aaron Baggett, chef of EdgeWild Restaurant, utilizes beer, bourbon, and scotch on Thurs, March 10.

Jean-Pierre Auge, who has been teaching French cooking for 40 years, offers a formidable duck a l’orange and strawberries Melba on Sat, March 19.

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A home-cooked meal is always delicious; don’t you want to cook and eat more home cooking in 2016? Yes, you can cook deliciously! Here are some great cooking classes that will sharpen your culinary techniques:

Culinary Skills, a four-part participation class on Wednesdays, starting on January 13 at 6 pm. Learn how to choose and use the different cuts of poultry, meat, and fish, plus lots of sauces, soups, and stocks, and finish up with irresistible vegetables.

Beyond Basics, a four-part participation class on Tuesdays, starting on February 16. Expand your kitchen know-how by learning to use these kitchen tools: pressure cooker, cast iron cookware, pizza stone, pasta machine, and stovetop smoker — plus the pastry bag, rolling pin, and stand mixer.

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People who love to cook love to get new tools for the kitchen. These tools can be stuffed into lots of stockings:

Vegetable Spiralizer. Make carrots, cucumber, zucchini, potatoes, beets, and other vegetables into long spaghetti strands. The vegetable spaghetti is fun to make and fun to eat. We have a small spiral cutter that looks like a giant pencil sharpener or a table-top spiral cutter which suctions to the counter top for making lots of vegetables.

Mezzaluna Knife. This half-moon-shaped knife is a safe and easy way to make lots of chopped salad. The single-blade knife is actually easier and safer to use and clean than the double-bladed mezzaluna.

Recipe Rock. Don’t mess up your recipes in the kitchen, but hold the pages upright with this ingenious magnet, available in lots of colors.

Blue-Handled Fruit Tools. The pear corer and pitting spoon have sharp edges that are amazingly useful in the kitchen. The pear corer pares pears, but also scoops seeds out of chile peppers and cucumbers, plus it hulls strawberries and tomatoes. The pitting spoon pits stone fruits, but also removes the seeds from winter squash and scoops citrus cups.

Lemon Press. A new-and-improved lemon/lime press — the opti-squeeze — requires only half the force to squeeze the fresh lemon half.

A New Jar of Salt. Bacon salt and sriracha-lime salt are new and irresistible flavor additions. Use these salts to trim a bloody Mary or margarita drink — or just to finish any dish.

Bluetooth Probe Thermometer. Cooks needs thermometers and probe thermometers remove any guesswork. Now the probe thermometer is available with a bluetooth connection so the cook is not tied to the kitchen while the meat cooks.

Still can’t decide on a gift. Gift certificates are available in any amount and can be ordered and printed from your home computer — even on December 25.

Orders can be placed online ( or by telephone (866-862-2433) or shop in our store for complimentary gift wrapping and fresh samples of our favorite foods.

Our Winter 2016 Cooking Class Schedule has just been published online with 200 new cooking classes. Don’t miss the debut performances of these chefs in our kitchens:

  • Aaron Baggett, chef of EdgeWild Restaurant, teaching “Beer. Bourbon. Scotch” on Thursday, March 10.
  • Lawrence Chen, chef-owner of Private Kitchen, teaching “Shanghai ‘Dine’asty” on Tuesday, February 23.
  • Carl Hazel III, chef of Scottish Arms, teaching “Up in Arms for Scottish Food” on Monday, January 11.
  • Sarah Mispagel, pastry chef of 801 Fish, teaching “Ah, The Macaron!” on Sunday, January 10.

And, yes, our best culinary instructors and restaurant chefs have loads of NEW classes on the Winter Schedule. Here are some highlights:

Jean-Pierre Auge, “Joyeuse Fete” on Saturday, December 19

Susan Caciano, “Vegan Party Hardy” on Thursday, February 18

Jane Callahan, “Quiche and Tell – Pies are Swell” on Monday, March 7

Bob Colosimo (1111 Mississippi), “A Colosseum of Flavors” on Wednesday, February 24

Alex Cupp (Adam’s Smokehouse), “Stick to your Ribs” on Monday, March 28

Pete Fagan (Tony’s), “Pete or Pan” on Monday, January 25

Josh Galliano, “The Gumbo Files” on Sunday, February 7

Kelly Gardner, “Heart and Seoul” on Saturday, February 20

Aruna Gopinath, “Oh-Em-Ghee” on Saturday, March 5

Margi Kahn, “This Bread is Oat Cuisine” on Wednesday, February 3

Mickey Kitterman, “The Land of Cold Vodka and Caviar” on Monday, January 18

Adam Lambay, “Dhoso Do” on Wednesday, February 17

Christina Lane, “Follow That Girl! Cooking for Two” on Tuesday, January 19

Chris Lee, “Kung Fu’d” on Sunday, December 27

Jon Lowe, “We Can’t Weight” on Sunday, January 3

Jack MacMurray, “Plaudits for Paul Prudhomme” on Tuesday, January 12

Ivy Magruder (Panorama), “Chef and Fishmonger” on Monday, February 29

John Messbarger (Peacemaker), “Bisque it all for the Biscuits” on Monday, February 1

Dawn Meyer, “The Scoop on Cookies” on Thursday, February 4

Karen Mitcham-Stoeckley, “French Provencal Connoisseur” on Wednesday, January 27

Barb Nack, “High on Pot Pie” on Tuesday, February 2

Janice Neuwirth, “The New Worth of Flavor” on Saturday, April 2

Wil Pelly, “Spanish Calcotada Celebration” on Tuesday, December 29

Bernard Pilon, “Oui, Chef!” on Saturday, February 27

Naam Pruitt, “Sushi — That’s a Moray” on Saturday, February 13

Karmen Rayburn/Jordan Knight (The Blue Duck), “Spiked Meals” on Thursday, January 21

Maria Sakellariou, “Chip Off the Ol’ Baklava” on Friday, January 22

Crystal Stevens, “Laissez-‘Fare'” on Saturday, February 27

Cassy Vires, “Catch-Her in the Rye (Whiskey)” on Tuesday, January 12

Kirk Warner, “Surf In Turf” on Tuesday, March 15

Robin Wheeler, “Orange You Sub-Lime” on Friday, January 22

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Pie is delicious all-year round, but pie seems particularly good during the fall when we hunger for apples, pumpkin, and pecans. Sign up for one of our upcoming pie-baking classes and master the fine art of perfect pie pastry.

“For Gourd’s Sake” on Friday, October 23 features pumpkin hand pies.

“The Pie’d Piper” on Saturday, October 31 has five pies — and you’ll want more!

“Lots of Little Pies and Tarts” on Sunday, November 1 has bite-sized pies.

“In Search of Pie-fection” on Saturday, November 7 offers apple, butterscotch cream, and nesselrode.

“How to Bake Pi” on Sunday, November 8 shows the best lemon meringue pie — with a bonus math lesson.

“Legalized Pot Pies” on Tuesday, November 17 shows that pie is also a main course.

And on Wednesday, November 25, make-bake-take home three pies (apple, pumpkin, pecan) for your Thanksgiving feast — you will be the star of the party!

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Our best double-crust apple pie recipe is available here.


Do you love to spend all day in the kitchen? Then our upcoming week-long class is designed for you. Take a world-wide vacation without a passport! “Mastering the Art of Cooking” is an extraordinary cooking class exploring the most delicious cuisines. Sign up for this memorable class: Monday to Friday, September 28 to October 2, 2015, 10 am to 4 pm.

Monday is French food, including bisque, souffle, custard, emulsified sauces, meat stocks, pastry.

Tuesday is Italian: homemade pasta, risotto, pizza, gnocchi, sauces, gelato, biscotti.

Wednesday is Latin cuisine: tapas, paella, salsas, chiles, mole, tortillas, feijoida, flan, dulce de leche.

Thursday features our best American food: gumbo, chowder, smoked meats, biscuits, grits, pie, layer cake.

Friday explores Asia: sushi, dumplings, dipping sauces, stir-fries, pho, Thai noodles, Indian curry.

And so much more! This week-long class is offered every year and several people have taken the class multiple times — because the class contains so much information about cuisines and how to cook. Please join the excitement!

Register now.

Our Fall Cooking Class Schedule offers an extraordinary line-up of accomplished chefs showcasing their wonderful restaurants:

  • Peter Barken of McCormick & Schmick’s on November 11
  • Matt Bessler of The Libertine on November 2
  • Alex Cupp of Adam’s Smokehouse on October 13
  • Josh Galliano of Companion Baking on October 15
  • Adam Gnau of Acero on October 18
  • Vu Huang of Sub Zero on November 1
  • Simon Lusky of Revel Kitchen on September 29
  • Dennis Murray of McCormick & Schmick’s on October 7
  • Lou Rook of Annie Gunn’s on September 3
  • Qui Tran of Mai Lee on October 12

Plus, welcome these talented cooks who will teach their special ethnic cooking expertise in our kitchen:

  • Toni DiGregorio shares Italian traditions on November 3
  • Aruna Gopinath shows coastal Indian food on December 5
  • Angela Komis with a Greek menu on November 27
  • Adam Lambay teaches Indian food on September 2
  • Annie Lehrer will make Lebanese desserts on October 4
  • Karen Mitcham-Stoeckley has a French variation on October 21
  • Naam Pruitt explores Thai foods on September 6, September 24, October 9, November 14
  • Maria Sakellariou explores Greek and Mediterranean foods on September 25, October 23, and November 20
  • DavidLee Szalanski teaches Polish pierogi on September 23

Don’t miss any of our favorite chefs who teach a different and delicious menu every month:

  • Jean-Pierre Auge (classic French cooking)
  • Bob Colosimo of Eleven Eleven Mississippi
  • Jay Dedkard of Ocha Thai and Japanese
  • Pete Fagan of Tony’s
  • Mitch Frost of Onesto Pizza & Trattoria
  • Margi Kahn (baking breads)
  • Mickey Kitterman of Gallagher’s
  • Christopher Lee of Chef’s Table STL
  • Jon Lowe of Ibby’s
  • Jack MacMurray of Joe Buck’s Downtown
  • Frank McGinty of Kaldi’s Coffee
  • David Molina of Sugarfire Smoke House
  • Bernard Pilon of Norwood Hills Country Club
  • Cassandra Vires
  • Kirk Warner of Kirk’s Traveling Kitchen

The variety of foods and tastes at Kitchen Conservatory is so exciting. You can always learn something new in the kitchen and tantalize your tastebuds.

Our cooking class schedule is also extremely entertaining, thanks to the pun-wizard, Ruth Sparrow:

  • Thai Master on September 6
  • When the Pot Thickens on October 10
  • The Choux Must Go On on October 22
  • The Food Wizard of the Ozarks on November 9
  • Legalized Pot Pies on November 17
  • Project Bunway on November 18
  • Scouting for the Best Brownie on November 22
  • Obi-Wan Cannoli on November 27

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