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Archive for March, 2007

in defense of foie gras

Anne Cori honored by the City of Clayton

What to do with fermented black beans?

Today a Kitchen Conservatory student had a tutorial (one-on-one training) on how to make a spun sugar dessert. She wanted to learn how to make a fancy dessert, which included ice cream. But, she said, she always overcooks her custard. So we make the custard base for ice cream using the Balloon Thermowhisk, a whisk […]

I love food and eating all kinds of food in a variety of preparations. Therefore, I am dispirited whenever the “Center for Science and Public Interest” issues a press release, because they are uniformly negative on delicious food. Their philosophy seems to be: eat your vegetables (no butter sauce allowed!) and don’t you dare enjoy […]

creative crepes

added cooking class

Handling food

How does your garden grow?

A terrific turner