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Breads Archive

We started giving away FREE sourdough starter on March 21, and it continues to be a hot commodity! It has reached over 16,000 people on Facebook with more than 100 shares. It is still available! Local customers may call us from their car when they arrive, and we will bring it out to your car! […]

Yes, you can bake yeast rolls at home that are so much better than any commercially-produced bread. Hundreds and hundreds of people have learned how to bake bread from Margi Kahn, an accomplished baker who has taught bread classes at Kitchen Conservatory for twenty years. Her irresistible Cinnamon Rolls are a crowd favorite. To see […]

Amateur bread-baker Margi Kahn has taught us so much about how to mix, knead, rise, form, and bake an incredible variety of breads over the twenty years that she has taught bread-baking classes at Kitchen Conservatory. Every staff-member has a different favorite “Margi bread,” but we all agree that her focaccia is exceptional. To experience […]

We have found it difficult to make bread at the same time as making a full dinner. We do not want to bake the bread ahead of time, as we want it to serve it hot. Is there a way that it can be made partially and refrigerated and then finished? After which step or […]

Lots of recipes call for topping with breadcrumbs. For many us, breadcrumbs are an afterthought and we grab the nearest cardboard box. Bread from a box usually tastes just like cardboard. But breadcrumbs can add more than just crunch; they can add a lot of flavor. Good breadcrumbs come from good bread. Just like the […]

Not all quick breads are sweet. Quick breads can also be savory appetizers, such as cornbread, or aromatic side dishes, such as bread pudding. This sausage-nut bread is delicious with a bowl of soup for a hearty lunch. Mexican chorizo is a spicy, raw sausage that needs to be cooked before using (Spanish chorizo, which is used […]

Where to find the best burger? At home, if you make it yourself. A delicious burger is made from freshly-ground meat, lightly packed, cooked on a high heat for a short period of time, and served on a homemade bun with homemade sauce. Yes, you can make this delicious treat. Once you taste your own […]

The best food to bake on an icy-cold day is bread. The hot oven helps to heat up the house and the aroma of freshly-baked bread is irresistable. I know, you should let the bread cool after baking, but I can never resist diving into the hot bread and slathering with butter, jam, or cheese. To achieve […]

“A Passion for Cooking“ features the recipes from over a hundred different chefs who have cooked at Kitchen Conservatory. One of our favorite recipes from that cookbook – which several staff members make every Thanksgiving — is a pudding from chef Jim Voss of Duff’s (who also chefed for The Grateful Dead). Don’t miss his cooking class on […]

Bakeries and pastry shops in Paris have a running competition on croissants: is it bread or pastry? Boulangeries sell yeasty doughy croissants and patisseries sell flaky buttery croissants. The first step to eating a delicious croissant in Paris is to go to a patisserie, not a bread shop. So I have always thought that pizza is firmly in the […]