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Gift Ideas Archive

The best gifts are the ones we secretly lust after, but can’t justify buying for ourselves. Thrill your loved ones with these special gifts that cooks will adore and use regularly. Emile Henry baking stone is available in purple or black. This baking stone features handles, has a beautiful and durable glaze, is oven safe, […]

“Why would you use such a baby flame when I have a plumber’s torch in the garage?” “Because I don’t want to crack the antique crystal bowl with the blowtorch!” Leave the plumbing tools in the bathroom and put a culinary torch in your favorite cook’s stocking. It’s easy to handle, the flame is just the right […]

The Three-in-One Wood Trivet is a beautiful present that is perfect for Mother’s Day. Made exclusively for Kitchen Conservatory, this hand-crafted triangular-shaped trivet set has three separate trivets that nest together. Made of locally grown wood and custom-made by a local artisan, the simple and creative design will compliment any decor. Please stop by Kitchen […]

creative crepes

A beautiful cake pan

A Perfect Peeler Designed for Right or Left Hands

The thermometer that will change your life.

Easily slice a fresh and delicious mango.

Recipe boxes, recipe cards and tools for organizing recipes

Everyone’s favorite spritz press