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We started giving away FREE sourdough starter on March 21, and it continues to be a hot commodity! It has reached over 16,000 people on Facebook with more than 100 shares. It is still available! Local customers may call us from their car when they arrive, and we will bring it out to your car! If you are placing an online order for anything else we carry for curbside pickup, include a note that you would like some sourdough starter!

If you are new at sourdough, we recommend starting with this fabulous recipe from our brilliant bread baker, Margi Kahn, for tender sourdough pancakes! Margi has been teaching incredible classes including bread baking and other cooking classes at Kitchen Conservatory for over twenty years. Her engaging and passionate personality inspires all of her students to start sourdough starters, hand-knead doughs, and bake irresistible breads. Many local and national publications have featured her excellent bread-baking skills. Margi writes the food column for the Jewish Light and has judged many food competitions. When classes are back in session, register for one of Margi’s classes!