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We love bringing people together in our kitchens to cook, have fun, celebrate, experience delicious food, gather with old friends and make new friends. Our chefs and instructors share their incredible culinary knowledge and techniques, and memories are created. We post our kitchen experiences every day on social media, and links to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are on each page of our website. We also share cooking techniques on our You Tube channel!

Join us in the kitchen and on social media to discover “What’s Stirring” at Kitchen Conservatory, from cooking classes to new kitchen tools!

Instagram: With over 850 cooking classes, we share one photo from every class, along with a few new items in the store! It is impressive to see the dishes from around the world with nearly every type of ethnic cuisine, our wonderful variety of classes for children, and a huge selection of classes from homemade pasta, pizza, sushi, vegan, seafood, pastry, decorating, and so much more!

Facebook: Photo albums from our cooking classes are posted on Facebook! Customers are often asking us what it is like to take a cooking class at Kitchen Conservatory, and this is a great way to get a feel for what happens in our kitchens! Each week, we post the available cooking classes for the week, and we often share upcoming events and new products on Facebook.

Twitter: We have been sharing holiday gift ideas throughout the season on Twitter! When a sold out cooking class has a last minute opening, we post it on Twitter and often have delighted customers eager to fill the spots.

Pinterest: We have 20 different boards with lots of our favorite things: kitchen tools, videos, gift ideas, cookie cutters, teachers, restaurants, and more!

YouTube: We have created 92 videos featuring how to use kitchen tools and lots of great cooking techniques, and will continue to add videos every chance we get! We have had over 60,000 views, and some of our most popular videos include Baking Cheesecake in a Cake Pan, A Brilliant Way to Slice Cheesecake, Tool Time: Cooking with a Stovetop Smoker, Tool Time: Dishers, Tool Time: Flour Duster, Tool Time: Making Whipped Cream with a Cream Whipper, and Tool Time: Whirley-Pop Popcorn Popper. All of the tools used in these videos are available at Kitchen Conservatory.

We are delighted to see photos from Kitchen Conservatory cooking classes on social media and love when we are tagged in them!

Happy cooking!