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We are always excited to have hundreds of new classes on our website, and our quarterly newsletter, What’s Stirring, in the mail!

If you are looking for a specific type of class or technique, give us a call! We are happy to find the class that is the right fit for you. Here are a few suggestions!

  • Fish and Seafood classes are the “reel deal”!
    • Come Out and Cook Shellfish on August 20 with Mickey Kitterman
    • Hook, Line, and Dinner on August 21 with Pete Fagan, of Tony’s
    • The Chef and Fishmonger on August 22 with Ben Grupe, of Elaia and Olio
    • Lowe Country Seafood Boil on September 17 with Jon Lowe, of Ibby’s
    • Fish and Bistro Sauces on October 1 with Jon Lowe, of Ibby’s
    • The Chef and Fishmonger on October 2 with Ivy Magruder, of Panorama at the St. Louis Art Museum
    • A Day in the Kitchen: Fish and Seafood on October 7 with Kirk Warner
    • When I’m Not a Crab, I’m a Sole Man on October 15 with Jon Lowe, of Ibby’s
    • Seas the Day on October 16 with Kirk Warner
    • The Chef and Fishmonger on November 6 with Kirk Warner
    • Mediterranean Seafood to Dive For on November 13 with Giannicola Colucci, of Cielo at Four Seasons
    • 50 Ways to Love Your Lobster on November 30 with Kirk Warner
    • Feast of the Seven Fishes on December 4 with Giannicola Colucci, of Cielo at Four Seasons
    • Lobster and Champagne on December 29 with Anne Cori
  • Fun decorating classes!
    • Let’s Be Frank About Pretty Cake Decorating on September 6 or November 1 with Ericka Frank, of The Cakery
    • Boozy Cake Pops on October 26 with Rachel Sarino, of StL Cake Pops
    • Spooky Halloween House on October 27 with Vikki DiMattia
    • The Art of Decorating Cupcakes on October 30 with Devon Drag
    • Jolly Christmas Cake Pops on November 27 with Rachel Sarino, of StL Cake Pops
    • Gingerbread House for Adults on December 2 or December 10
    • The Apprentice Chef: Gingerbread House (ages 7 to 11) on December 2 or December 3 or December 9 or December 10 or December 17
    • Christmas Cookie Cutter Couture on December 3 or December 10 or December 17 with Alexandra Burghardt
  • Tacos, tamales, and tortillas!
    • Masa to Mi Casa – Hot Tamales on September 11 or November 13 with Perry Fischer, of Mission Taco Joint
    • Tacos and Tequila on October 10 with Jason Tilford, of Milagro Modern Mexican and Mission Taco Joint
    • Date Night for Couples: Thoroughly Modern Mexican on October 22 with Fernanda Espinosa
    • Taco the Town on November 8 with Mickey Kitterman
  • To Your Health!
    • Dinner with a Diabetic on August 16 with Adam Lambay
    • A Plan for Paleo on September 7 with Margi Kahn
    • The Nuts and Bolts of Vegan Condiments on September 16 with Susan Caciano
    • Whole 30 Healthy Eating on September 27 with Devon Drag
    • Beyond Wheatless Wonder Breads on October 8 with Linda Daniels
    • Sunday Funday: Yoga Brunch on October 22 with Devon Drag
    • You Can’t Beet Vegetarians on October 25 with Margi Kahn
    • In The Garden of Vegan on November 9 with Caryn Dugan
    • Pie in Your Eye – Everything is Vegan on November 18 with Susan Caciano
    • A Gluten-Free Celebration of Desserts on November 18 with Linda Daniels
    • India Mood for Vegetarian on November 24 with Adam Lambay, of St. Louis Union Station Hotel
    • Paleo Party Food on November 29 with Margi Kahn
    • Date Night for Couples: A Flirty Whole 30 on December 1 with Devon Drag
  • We are from Missouri – Show Me with a Demonstration meal class!
    • Take any of the three classes, The Chef and Fishmonger, listed above with fish and seafood!
    • Ottolenghi-Style: Jerusalem and Ottolenghi on August 31 with Mickey Kitterman
    • Ottolenghi-Style: Jerusalem on September 17 with Mickey Kitterman
    • Giannicola Colucci is teaching Capri, Caprese, Colucci on September 21, Mediterranean Seafood to Dive For on November 13, and Feast of the Seven Fishes on December 4
    • Fork and Cork: Rhone with Mickey Kitterman and Jason Main on September 23
    • Barb Nack is teaching Autumn Apps: No Fork Required on September 28, Week Ends at the Counter: French Countryside on September 30, Portable Potluck on October 28, Get Out of the Box with a Meal Planner on November 3
    • Ah-Chew! Gesundheit! on October 5 with Christine Cradock Allhoff
    • Tyler Davis, of Element, is teaching Ty This at Home on October 9
    • Josh Galliano, of Companion Baking, is teaching Galliano Does New Orleans Proud on October 21
    • Pete Fagan, of Tony’s is teaching Honest to Pete on October 23
    • Karen Mitcham-Stoeckley is teaching August Escoffier Birthday Dinner on October 28
    • Take Entertaining to the Next Level with Naam Pruitt
    • Anne Cori is teaching Week Ends at the Counter: Voulez-Vous on November 18
  • Pasta Perfect!
    • Eenie Meenie Tortellini on August 12 with Josh Galliano, of Companion Baking
    • Pasta Roller Derby on August 22 with Mickey Kitterman
    • A Day in the Kitchen: Pasta Workshop on September 9 with Kirk Warner
    • The Artistry of Italian Sauces on October 8 with Adam Gnau, of Acero
    • Down the Hatch with Fresh Pasta on October 9 with Nathan Hatch, of Trattoria Marcella
    • Pasta Manana on October 24 with Giannicola Colucci, of Cielo at Four Seasons
    • Date Night for Couples: Anything is Pastable on November 2 with Frank McGinty, of Kaldi’s
    • Pasta, Pasta, Pasta on December 26 with Anne Cori
  • Classes we don’t want you to miss!
    • The Art of Charcuterie on August 20 with Cary Exler, of Salume Beddu
    • Pies Are a Labor of Love on September 3 with Anne Cori
    • Knife Skills on September 12 or September 13 with Clark Stone, of Wusthof
    • Thyme is Running Out with an Abundance of Herbs on September 16 with Rachel Moeller
    • On the Go with Vincent Van Doughnut on October 1 with Vincent Marsden
    • Mastering the Art of Cooking on October 4, 11, 18, 25 with Anne Cori
    • The Tipsy Goat Macarons on October 16 with Emily Lamb and Mallory Newbern
    • My First Thanksgiving on November 5 or November 6 with Barb Nack
    • Hama-San: Samurai of Sushi on November 11 with Naomi Hamamura, of United Provisions

See you in the kitchen!