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Great cooking classes for this summer have just been posted at www.kitchenconservatory.com. Register Here.

Kitchen Conservatory offers twenty cooking classes each week. Here are some highlights on the Summer schedule:

  • Josh Galliano of Companion Baking in “If I’m Not in a Jam, I’m in a Pickle” on June 11.
  • Tamara Keefe of Clementine’s Naughty and Nice in “Clementine’s, My Darling” on June 13.
  • Jason Brockman of Strange Donuts in “In the Done Zone with Strange Donuts” on June 29.
  • Nate Larson and Heather Young of Living Room in “Be Still My Tart, Let’s Quiche” on July 11.
  • Jason Tilford and Pete Schweiss of Milagro Modern Mexican in “Masa to Mi Casa: Tortillas and Tamales” on July 12.
  • Russ Clark of St. Louis Kolache in “Czech, Please! Hot Kolaches” on July 18
  • Ashley Schuster Kempf of Salume Beddu in “Italian Saucery” on July 19
  • Austin Hamblin and Michelle Allender of The Muddled Pig Gastropub in “Just in Queso” on July 25.
  • William Volny of Bixby’s in “The Flair of Alsatian Fare” on July 28.
  • John Messbarger and John Joern of Peacemaker Lobster & Crab in “The Beach Buoys” on August 1.
  • Crystal Stevens of La Vista CSA Farm in “Canning with the Farmer in the Dill” on August 7
  • Kirk Warner of Kirk’s Traveling Kitchen in “Honey, I Blue up the Kitchen” on August 8.
  • Matt Bessler of The Libertine in “Heavy Metal Cast Iron Cookery” on August 8.
  • Gian Nicola Colucci of Cielo at the Four Seasons in “Viva Italia!” on August 10
  • Lou Rook and Glenn Bardgett of Annie Gunn’s in “No Charred Feelings” on August 20.
  • John Lowe of Ibby’s at Washington University in “Saltwater vs. Freshwater” on August 28.
  • Ben Arthur of J. McArthur’s in “The Chef and Fishmonger” on August 30.
  • Adam Lambay of St Louis Union Station Hotel in “On the Streets of Mumbai” on September 7.
  • Bob Colosimo of Eleven Eleven Mississippi in “Rome is Where the Heart Is” on September 14.

The best chefs creating the best food teach cooking classes at Kitchen Conservatory. Don’t miss a bite!