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Our Winter 2016 Cooking Class Schedule has just been published online with 200 new cooking classes. Don’t miss the debut performances of these chefs in our kitchens:

  • Aaron Baggett, chef of EdgeWild Restaurant, teaching “Beer. Bourbon. Scotch” on Thursday, March 10.
  • Lawrence Chen, chef-owner of Private Kitchen, teaching “Shanghai ‘Dine’asty” on Tuesday, February 23.
  • Carl Hazel III, chef of Scottish Arms, teaching “Up in Arms for Scottish Food” on Monday, January 11.
  • Sarah Mispagel, pastry chef of 801 Fish, teaching “Ah, The Macaron!” on Sunday, January 10.

And, yes, our best culinary instructors and restaurant chefs have loads of NEW classes on the Winter Schedule. Here are some highlights:

Jean-Pierre Auge, “Joyeuse Fete” on Saturday, December 19

Susan Caciano, “Vegan Party Hardy” on Thursday, February 18

Jane Callahan, “Quiche and Tell – Pies are Swell” on Monday, March 7

Bob Colosimo (1111 Mississippi), “A Colosseum of Flavors” on Wednesday, February 24

Alex Cupp (Adam’s Smokehouse), “Stick to your Ribs” on Monday, March 28

Pete Fagan (Tony’s), “Pete or Pan” on Monday, January 25

Josh Galliano, “The Gumbo Files” on Sunday, February 7

Kelly Gardner, “Heart and Seoul” on Saturday, February 20

Aruna Gopinath, “Oh-Em-Ghee” on Saturday, March 5

Margi Kahn, “This Bread is Oat Cuisine” on Wednesday, February 3

Mickey Kitterman, “The Land of Cold Vodka and Caviar” on Monday, January 18

Adam Lambay, “Dhoso Do” on Wednesday, February 17

Christina Lane, “Follow That Girl! Cooking for Two” on Tuesday, January 19

Chris Lee, “Kung Fu’d” on Sunday, December 27

Jon Lowe, “We Can’t Weight” on Sunday, January 3

Jack MacMurray, “Plaudits for Paul Prudhomme” on Tuesday, January 12

Ivy Magruder (Panorama), “Chef and Fishmonger” on Monday, February 29

John Messbarger (Peacemaker), “Bisque it all for the Biscuits” on Monday, February 1

Dawn Meyer, “The Scoop on Cookies” on Thursday, February 4

Karen Mitcham-Stoeckley, “French Provencal Connoisseur” on Wednesday, January 27

Barb Nack, “High on Pot Pie” on Tuesday, February 2

Janice Neuwirth, “The New Worth of Flavor” on Saturday, April 2

Wil Pelly, “Spanish Calcotada Celebration” on Tuesday, December 29

Bernard Pilon, “Oui, Chef!” on Saturday, February 27

Naam Pruitt, “Sushi — That’s a Moray” on Saturday, February 13

Karmen Rayburn/Jordan Knight (The Blue Duck), “Spiked Meals” on Thursday, January 21

Maria Sakellariou, “Chip Off the Ol’ Baklava” on Friday, January 22

Crystal Stevens, “Laissez-‘Fare'” on Saturday, February 27

Cassy Vires, “Catch-Her in the Rye (Whiskey)” on Tuesday, January 12

Kirk Warner, “Surf In Turf” on Tuesday, March 15

Robin Wheeler, “Orange You Sub-Lime” on Friday, January 22

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