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Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Kitchen Conservatory! Thirty favorite chefs will demonstrate their talents over six different cooking classes. Sample the extraordinary creations of our culinary stars.


Chris Lee
Jon Lowe Jack MaMurray III Vito Racanelli Kirk Warner    
The March anniversary class features Christopher Lee (River City), Jon Lowe, Jack MacMurray (Joe Buck’s Downtown), Vito Racanelli (Mad Tomato), and Kirk Warner. 
      Saturday, March 22              10:30 am to 1 pm             Register Now!
Jean Pierre Auge
Jim Fiala Christie Maggi Ben Poremba Naam Pruitt    
The April anniversary class features Jean-Pierre Augé, Jim Fiala (The Crossing, Acero), Christie Maggi, Ben Poremba (Elaia, Olio), and Naam Pruitt. 
      Saturday, April 12              10:30 am to 1 pm             Register Now!
Bob Colosimo
Frank McGinty Bernard Pilon Jason Tilford Brenda Vanden Bos    
The May anniversary class features Bob Colosimo (Eleven Eleven Mississippi), Frank McGinty (Kaldi’s Coffee), Bernard Pilon (Norwood Country Club), Jason Tilford (Milagro Modern Mexican, Mission Taco Joint), and Brenda Vanden Bos. 
      Saturday, May 3              10:30 am to 1 pm             Register Now!
Josh Allen
Josh Galliano Kevin Nashan Dawn Meyer Cassy Vires   
The June anniversary class features Josh Allen (Companion Baking), Josh Galliano (The Libertine), Kevin Nashan (Sidney Street Cafe), Dawn Meyer, and Cassy Vires (Home Wine Kitchen, Table).
      Saturday, June 7              10:30 am to 1 pm             Register Now!
Kelly Gardner
Margi Kahn Barry Marcus David Molina Mark Sanfilippo   
The July anniversary class features Kelly Gardner, Margi Kahn, Barry Marcus, David Molina (Sugarfire Smoke House), and Mark Sanfilippo (Salume Beddu). 
      Saturday, July 12             10:30 am to 1 pm             Register Now!
Helen Fletcher
Mickey Kitterman Barb Nack Lou Rook Maria Sakellariou   
The August anniversary class features Helen Fletcher (Tony’s), Mickey Kitterman (Gallagher’s), Barb Nack, Lou Rook (Annie Gunn’s), and Maria Sakellariou.
      Saturday, August 9            10:30 am to 1 pm             Register Now!