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What a wonderful list of exciting new cooking classes! Our Winter Cooking Class Schedule is now posted. Here are some highlights:

Welcome these new instructors:

  • Laura Beaver will teach children how to cope with a dish of spaghetti-and-meatballs without slurping on January 6.
  • Chelsea DeShetler, the pastry chef of Truffles, will make a chocolate-date croustade on January 28.
  • Chris DiMercurio of Vino Nadoz Wine Bar and Cafe is making homemade gnocchi on January 13.
  • Corey Ellsworth of Chandler Hill Vineyards has a steak-and-wine class on January 21 with sommelier Stephen Blevins of Fleming’s.
  • Senada Grbic of Grbic Restaurant presents the best of Bosnian food on January 27.
  • Jesse Mendica of Annie Gunn’s has a meatball class and lots of humorous stories on January 14.
  • Malou Perez-Nievera, food blogger, will present the best of Filipino cuisine on January 8.
  • Katrina Schonberg-Hamar, a commercial fisherman and former Kitchen Conservatory staffer, visits from Seattle with a fresh fish dinner on December 29.
  • Qui Tran of Mai Lee shows off his spring rolls on February 18.
  • Amy Winkeler, personal chef who is teaching a Girls’ Night Out with shrimp on March 1.
  • Bob Zugmeier of Sidney Street Cafe has some very creative desserts on March 4.

I am particularly excited to taste and see the foods in these classes:

  • My all-time favorite dessert, croquembouche, is going to be made by Jean-Pierre Auge on December 22.
  • The creativity of Kirk Warner shows in his appetizer class on December 27, including butternut squash tarte Tatin with roasted garlic and parmesan.
  • My second-favorite dessert, gateau Saint-Honore, is showcased by pastry chef Helen Fletcher on January 10.
  • Brendan Noonan will demystify the art of homemade ramen noodles on January 15, plus duck confit steamed dumplings!
  • Cassoulet (French pork-and-beans with duck confit) is the best food to eat in the depth of winter; join Christie Maggi on January 22.
  • The kitchen-sink gumbo that Louisiana native Josh Galliano is making on February 4 sounds irresistible: chorizo sausage-crabmeat-smoked sausage-chicken-plus oysters!
  • Margi Kahn can bake bread like no one else. On February 20, she is making Italian ciabatta. I can’t wait!
  • I always enjoy eating Chiang Mai noodles in chicken curry sauce from cookbook author Naam Pruitt on March 9.

Our Valentine-inspired cooking classes are so popular. The most memorable one is sure to be Fifty Shades of Red on February 11, featuring “splayed and stuffed beef tenderloin with spring vegetables and leek restraints”!

Best Titles:

  • Are We In Seine? on December 1
  • You Wanna Pizza Me? on December 23
  • Meal of Fortune on February 1
  • Pizza de Resistance on February 2
  • In Search of Pie-fection of February 18
  • The Beach Buoys on March 15

Please join us for fabulous food!