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Join us for a brand-new four-part cooking class, which starts this Thursday, September 13 at 6 pm: Modern Techniques of Cooking. Each class will feature meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, and fruits that are cooked and prepared in deliciously different ways.

Part 1 features wet cooking, including sous-vide cooking at low temperatures, plus gentle poaching in flavorful liquids, oil and butter poached seafood, braised meat, confit, and wine-poached fruit.

Part 2 features dry-cooked and caramelized foods, including barbecued, grilled, and smoked meat and fish, salt encrusted fish and potatoes, plus a puffy souffle.

Part 3 features sweet and savory homemade doughs, including pasta, choux paste, phyllo, empanada, pot stickers, and pie pastries. Food is so exciting when wrapped in wonderful packages!

Part 4 features raw and cured foods, including tartare, ceviche, escabeche, gravlax, and salt-cured meat and fish, plus pickled and preserved vegetables and fruits.

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