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Need some exciting new ideas for summer cooking? Next week, Kitchen Conservatory will feature three talented chefs preparing wonderful dishes for the hot weather. All three of these delicious and stylish restaurants — Araka, Oceano, and Revival — have added so much to the St. Louis dining scene. Now is the chance to see their masters of the stoves in action!

On Monday, July 14, Mark Curran of Araka will demonstrate several tomato dishes. (Yes, tomatoes really are safe to eat; the culprit of the salmonella scare was the jalapenos.) His caramelized tomato tarte Tatin is the most luscious, delicious way to eat tomatoes.

On Tuesday, July 15, join Jon Lowe of Oceano in preparing an often-requested dish: grilled whole fish. How do you get the fish on and off the grill and still keep it whole, will be one of the questions he answers about grilling fish. Plus he is making a smooth yellow tomato gazpacho, firecracker corn, slaw, and melon granita.

On Wednesday, July 16, Cary McDowell of Revival will demonstrate his signature homemade pasta with fresh lobster and peas, plus several other lobster dishes. For lobster lovers, if you haven’t seen Cary prepare lobster, you haven’t fully experienced the crustacean!

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