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Using gloves in the kitchen does not make food safer. I have seen glove-clad cooks prepare tuna tartare and then toss a salad without changing their gloves or washing them. Without the sensation of having to wash your hands, it is easier to cross-contaminate food while wearing gloves. Frequent hand-washing is always the best way to protect food. Bare-hand contact with food is legal and safer than the gloves.

Gloves have problems. Some people are allegic to latex gloves. Vinyl gloves have been implicated in causing testicular damage. Since not all foods can be prepared just with tongs or other implements, hands have to be used in the kitchen. After all, they are a cook’s best tools. Don’t be afraid to touch food!

One Comment for “The Gloves Are Off”  

  1. Connie

    I couldn’t agree more with this e-mail. I’ve been preaching good handwashing technique for years, it is just good hygiene and Common Sense, a quality lacking in many individuals.