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The City of Clayton (Missouri) awarded Anne Cori, the president of Kitchen Conservatory, with the “Creme de la Clayton” today. The honor recognizes the civic contributions and special offerings from the unique Kitchen Conservatory, which has been located in Clayton, Missouri since 1991. The award ceremony noted that Kitchen Conservatory offers over 525 cooking classes a year (both participation and demonstration) and sells over 5000 essential cooking tools to both professional and amateur cooks.

Thank you to the Mayor, Board of Aldermen, and the City of Clayton for this recognition!

7 Comments for “Award for Kitchen Conservatory”  

  1. Alanna

    Many congratulations to you, Anne!

  2. Brenda

    Way to go Anne!!!

  3. kirsten

    Right on! Congratulations!

  4. mjo

    You are a great businesswoman and you know your cooking stuff. I don’t know what the Kitchen Conservatory culture was like 10 years ago but it is clear you have built up a unique community place for people to come and learn and enjoy their passions–FOOD!! Keep up the good work, Ms. Creme or is it Madame Creme? I am curious to know if your tiara will be on display in the store? :)

  5. Anne

    Thank you. Kitchen Conservatory is successful because of the passions of so many people. Everyone who works at Kitchen Conservatory loves food and loves to cook. The chef-instructors (over a hundred!) willingly share the secrets of their fine cooking. The most exciting place to be is in the kitchen! Winning an award named “Creme” is very appropriate for Kitchen Conservatory.

  6. Alanna

    Only if it’s “creme” with transfat —

  7. Connie Westerman

    Congratulations Anne!