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Desserts Archive

I would like to cook creme brulee and I have been told that it’s best to use a bain marie? What is the best method to use when cooking it? Rob from London Creme brulee is a custard, which means the combination of eggs and cream heated to 180 degrees. A perfect custard is voluptuous […]

Yes, there is a day just for eating and celebrating the joys of pie making: March 14. I encourage everyone to make a pie on pi day; or come to our pie class. I am celebrating Pi Day with an old-fashioned bright green pie that makes me think of spring. Grasshopper Pie has a chocolate […]

the versatility of choux paste

Italian meringue

maple syrup and maple sugar

Many recipes call for “reduction.” Reducing a liquid by boiling it down until it is half or third or a quarter of the original volume intensifies the flavor. A concentrated liquid adds more flavor than a thin liquid. Great sauces are made from reductions because the flavor base packs a wallop. Reductions are critically important […]

Every June, my aunt calls to alert me that the gooseberries on her 40-year-old bush are ripe. I rushed over to pick several pounds, because I cannot get them anywhere else and gooseberry pie is delicious. Gooseberries are a rare fruit, but worth seeking because of their tart lemony taste. They are rare because for […]

A delicious pastry

An impressive dessert