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Kitchen Tools Archive

Space is always tight in the kitchen, so I love tools that can be used for multiple applications. Just because the label calls the item a “zester” doesn’t mean it can’t be used for more than just zesting. Some kitchen tools are so useful that they have earned extra respect. Here are my favorite multi-use tools. […]

turkey lifter

a better pastry cloth

oval dishers

Cast iron is very versatile in cooking and no kitchen is complete without a cast-iron skillet and dutch oven. The pans can be heated to high temperatures (perfect for searing); they can hold low temperatures for a long time (perfect for stews); they can maintain a temperature very well (perfect for deep-frying); well-seasoned pans are […]

Do you really need another kitchen tool? Yes, when the new tool dramatically eases a kitchen job. Mario Batali’s Mozzarella Slicer is so much more than a tool for making salad caprese. Essentially the slicer is an oversized egg slicer with wire cutters, so it can also make a lot of egg salad in a […]

A brand-new tool is now available at Kitchen Conservatory that is perfect for mincing ginger. This ingeniously-designed, triangle-shaped grater easily grates fresh ginger root (no need to peel the ginger). Then, push the lever — the grating tines disappear — and the ginger is ready to be used. This grater is even better than the […]

Today a Kitchen Conservatory student had a tutorial (one-on-one training) on how to make a spun sugar dessert. She wanted to learn how to make a fancy dessert, which included ice cream. But, she said, she always overcooks her custard. So we make the custard base for ice cream using the Balloon Thermowhisk, a whisk […]

creative crepes

A terrific turner