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One reason why French food is so delicious is because their plate presentation is beautiful. Many times, the vegetable purees are spooned onto the plate in perfect ovals. Some French restaurants have a cook assigned to form the egg-shaped mounds using two large spoons. The spooning skill is much harder than it looks, but French chefs demand perfection. For the rest of us shlubs, there is an easier way: the oval disher.

Dishers, also known as ice cream scoops, come in a dozen round sizes and are very versatile. But, round scoops of mashed potatoes look like a cafeteria plate, not a three-star restaurant. Scoop with the oval disher and, voila, “beef stew with mashed potatoes” is transformed into “boeuf bourguignon avec pomme puree.” Wow, doesn’t that sound more delicious!

Stainless steel oval dishers, $30.95. Dishwasher safe.