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The best gifts are the ones we secretly lust after, but can’t justify buying for ourselves. Thrill your loved ones with these special gifts that cooks will adore and use regularly.

Emile Henry baking stone is available in purple or black. This baking stone features handles, has a beautiful and durable glaze, is oven safe, grill safe, and dishwasher safe. Who doesn’t love a freshly-made pizza? My favorite pizza recipe uses 00 flour, also available at Kitchen Conservatory.

Whirley-Pop stovetop popcorn popper. Once you eat freshly-made popcorn, you will never return to the fake taste of microwave popcorn. The Whirley-Pop can easily make kettle corn or any flavored popcorn. Here is a link to my favorite popcorn recipe.

Everyone loves homemade ice cream, no matter what the temperature is outside. We have several options on ice cream freezers, from $49.95 to $298.95 (which features a compressor to quickly freeze batch after batch of ice cream). One customer bought a freezer just so she could make our grapefruit sorbet recipe.

Several home bakers have told me, “I’m waiting for my food processor or stand mixer to die so I can buy the larger one I really want!” Stop waiting and give the 14-cup Cuisinart food processor or the 7-quart Cuisinart stand mixer. A larger machine can make the cook’s life so much easier in the kitchen.

Another future family heirloom is a enameled cast iron Le Creuset Dutch oven, which features a 101-year warranty! Channel your inner Julia Child with one of these gorgeous pots (my favorite size is 5.5 quart in cobalt blue).

Several customers have already told me, with a sigh, that the Vitamix blender is on their ulimate wish list. Yes, the Vitamix is expensive ($499 to $599), but the 2-horsepower spoils cooks for any other blender. Eat hot soup in three minutes or make a batch of killer margaritas.

You may want to give this gift a few day early to help with the day of cookie baking: the new Kuhn Rikon Cookie Press. I love how this press comes with a storage case with a slot for each of the 14 unique disks. Our favorite recipe for the cookie press is Hilda Willman’s Royal Crowns.

An essential kitchen tool is an old-fashioned food mill. Don’t scrimp on this important kitchen accessory; our favorite food mill is from Cuisipro and features 3 disks, a large bowl, a comfortable handle and a scraper for the bottom of the disk. Dishwasher safe.

Yes, gift-wrapping at Kitchen Conservatory is complimentary and features beautiful bows.