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There is no need for  a special occasion to create a Gift Registry (aka WISH LIST) at Kitchen Conservatory! It’s pretty simple. Log in to your account on our website, and add any item to your list! Tell your friends and family that you have a wish list at Kitchen Conservatory, and any items ordered through your registry include free gift wrapping!

Add things to your list when you are taking a cooking class, and see a tool that you need in your kitchen! Add items to your list night or day from the comfort of your home!

To get started, simply select your first item and choose ‘Add to Registry.’ You will then be redirected to the initial registry creation screen. Add your name(s) and event date and click ‘Update Registry”. (The event date and event name may be left blank.) From here you also have the option to select how many of this item that you would like, the option of setting the priority level if you have multiple items in your registry, and the ability to add comments. If the gifts are to be shipped to a different address; please specify under the comment section. Also in the comments section will be things such as the date of your special day (birthday, wedding, anniversary). The only way to save your registry is to become a registered user.

If you are creating a Bridal Registry or setting up your first kitchen, you are welcome to call us and set up an appointment. One of our kitchen experts will be glad to help you.

Looking for suggestions? Start with our ESSENTIAL list!

Our kitchen essential list is divided into the must-haves and the special extras.  We feel anyone can set up a very effective kitchen with the must-have list.  For those that find themselves in the kitchen more often, some of the special extras are essential.


set of cookware, including a saucepan, stockpot, regular and nonstick skillets
roasting pan and rack
knives, including chef’s, paring, carving and bread knives
kitchen shears
cutting boards (wood or polyurethane)
basic cookbook
set of stainless steel mixing bowls
ceramic baking or lasagna dish
square brownie pan
pie plate
food processor
pepper grinder
sheet pan with nonstick baking mat
cookie sheet with nonstick baking mat
rolling pin
tea kettle
pot holders
kitchen towels
measuring cups and spoons
can opener
hand electric mixer
whisk (sauce and balloon)
wooden spoon
high heat silicone spatula
metal spatula
garlic press
vegetable peeler
lemon juicer
box grater
food mill or potato ricer
pastry brush
pastry blender
cooling grids
steamer basket
tea kettle

Special Extras

reversible grill/griddle pan
salad spinner
wooden salad bowl
salad fingers
ice cream freezer
popcorn popper
pasta maker
fish poacher
popover pan
stand electric mixer
individual soufflé dishes
au gratin dishes
deep fryer
rice steamer
bundt pan
rolling mat
biscuit cutters

We have also created a new space in the store with some of our favorite tools and essentials!