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Our Spring Cooking Class Calendar has some exciting, new cooking classes:

“Rustic Italian” (quail with roasted garlic-grape sauce on mascarpone-ricotta polenta) on April 1

“The Big Tang Theory” (tagliatelle with lemon-herb sauce) on April 10

“Sweet and Lowe” (sweet crab bisque with corn cream and cheddar croutons) on April 19

“Mediterranean Mystique” (garlic-lemon grilled shrimp with pistachio-feta sauce) on April 24

“South of the Border Grill Seekers” (smoked tomato gazpacho) on May 3

“Celebration of Mom” (pan-seared halibut with white wine and capers) on May 9

“Green Looks Good on You” (fried artichoke hearts with lemon aioli) on May 15

“A Bird in the Pan is Worth Four on the Plate” (roasted chicken with clementines and ouzo on bulgur pilaf) on May 15

“Open for Sea-son” (crispy softshell crab tartine with shaved radish on avocado salad and brioche) on May 18

“What’s in Your Pasta?” (arugula-onion confit tortellini in sun-dried tomato cream sauce on May 27

“The Duck Stops Here” (roasted duck in Thai red curry sauce on rice) on May 30

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