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The art of cuisine is in the making of sauces. A delicious sauce elevates a ho-hum dinner to a sublime feast. Our favorite sauce is tomato chutney, also known as ketchup when it is pureed until smooth. Originally created by Brenda Vanden Bos, this sweet-and-sour chutney with six ingredients is a staple in our refrigerators. Get the recipe here. As a bonus, the recipe includes Brenda’s roasted red bell pepper ketchup, another staff and customer favorite with only five ingredients and packed with so much flavor.

To see and taste Tomato Chutney, sign up for “Down By the Bayou” on November 22 or “A Wealth of Wellingtons” on December 17.

We’ve completed the countdown of our Top Thirty Recipes Celebrating the Thirtieth Anniversary of Kitchen Conservatory. What a delicious ride; all these recipes are wonderful. Since we host 800 cooking classes each year, we have hundreds of other irresistible recipes. Check back frequently as we post new recipes here.