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Many people ask, “What’s the most popular cooking class at Kitchen Conservatory?” Here they are and spaces are still available in these delicious classes:

Date Night for Couples: Rustic French Bistro on Sun, Sept 22 at 5 pm features French onion soup and irresistible homemade French fries, plus steak and chocolate custard.

Who doesn’t want another Peace of Pie? On Mon, Sept 23 at 6 pm, learn about crust and filling — including our favorites of apple pie and sweet potato pie.

Wake Up, Little Sushi on Mon, Sept 23 at 6:30 pm offers the most beautiful and dazzling sushi, which the class creates with sushi master Jay Dedkard of Ocha.

Calling all oyster lovers; September has an “r” and it is time to enjoy this delicacy! Chef Jon Lowe of Oceano has an all-oyster menu in For the Love of Oysters on Tue, Sept 24 at 6 pm.

The Art of Pizza Throwing on Tue, Sept 24 at 6:30 pm proves that yes, you can transform yourself into a pizzaiolo!

Germany does have three great dishes: Schnitzel, Spaetzle, and Strudel, which you can learn how to make on Wed, Sept 25 at 6 pm.

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