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Our new cooking class schedule is our best ever! This fabulous agenda offers 200 delicious cooking classes! The variety of food is so exciting. You must read the newsletter to laugh at all of Ruth Sparrow’s clever titles.

Please welcome these new chefs to our kitchens:

  • Wil Pelly the sous-chef of Sanctuaria, goes Cuban on March 7.
  • Jeff Davis, chef of Cafe Napoli, will demonstrate a beautiful surf-and-turf menu on March 12.
  • Join Ian Vest of The Crossing in making homemade pasta on March 21.
  • Food blogger Annie Lehrer shares her Lebanese heritage and cuisine on March 26.
  • Join Nate Hereford of Niche for a sumptuous spring menu on March 27.
  • Fish, fish, and more fish with chef Steven Caravelli of Araka on April 3.
  • John Griffiths, the new chef at Truffles, stirs the Italian pot on April 11.
  • Join Todd Bale, the chef at the new Mazara in Clayton, for gnocchi and more Italian fare on April 13.
  • Perfect the cooking of scallops and more with Chris Bolyard, the veteran sous-chef at Sidney Street Cafe, on April 18.
  • Join Carl McConnell, chef-owner of Stone Soup Cottage, for a gorgeous French feast on April 25.
  • Bryan Flaxbeard, chef of Molly’s in Soulard, offers a vivid Creole menu on June 6.

Plus, some of our all-time favorite chefs have returned to sprinkle their magic in the kitchen:

  • Lou Rook and Glenn Bardgett, the dynamic duo of chef and sommelier of Annie Gunn’s offer a stupendous fish menu on April 9.
  • Bobby Sweet, chef of Blackbear Bakery, shows off his pies on April 20.
  • Frank McGinty of Kaldi’s Coffee masters the whole beef tenderloin (including coffee flavor) on May 10.
  • Delve into shellfish with chef Jon Lowe of Oceano Bistro on May 19.
  • Vince Bommarito, jr, chef of Tony’s, returns on June 1 for a classic Italian lunch.

Yes, we have some scrumptious classes for bakers and decorators:

  • The art of decorating with fondant is taught by Francie Valenta of Encore Baking on March 28.
  • Perfectly decorate cookies with Rebeca Davila on April 10.
  • Colleen Thompson of Colleen Cookies will bake the best-tasting cookies on May 7.
  • Karen Mitcham-Stoeckley, chef-owner of Eagle’s Nest Bistro, demystifies French pastries and cookies on May 12.
  • The cupcake craze continues with cupcake blogger Stefani Pollack on May 15.

And we have not forgotten the pizza eaters:

  • Italian-style pizza with Mark Sanfilippo, chef-owner of Salume Beddu, on April 2.
  • Pizza throwdown (New York, Chicago, California) with Cooking School Director Barb Nack on April 28.
  • Jersey-style pizza with Jon Feraro, chef-owner of Feraro’s, on May 4.
  • Grilled pizza with veteran baker Margi Kahn on May 13.
  • Date night with multiple pizzas with Dawn Meyer and Larry Meyers on May 15.
  • Throw pizza with pizzaiola Matt Middeke of Onesto on May 17.
  • More grilled pizzas and exotic toppings with Kirk Warner on June 9.

The bread-and-butter of our cooking classes rest with our regular teachers. If you have not tasted the delectable foods from the multiple classes that our regulars teach, please try one of these sessions:

  • Moroccan tagines are the favorite food of pastry chef Christie Saali of Sidney Street Cafe on March 3.
  • Have a Mardi Gras party and crawfish boil with veteran chef Mickey Kitterman on Mardi Gras, March 8.
  • Everyone loves “Blitz French Pastries” everytime Helen Fletcher teaches her baking tricks, on March 9.
  • Chef David Molina of BARcelona returns with Spanish tapas on March 15.
  • The girls love the night out with Robin Chestnas, especially her lobster pot pies, on March 18.
  • Sign up for the lobster bisque with chef Bernard Pilon (but the class favorite is always the surprising turnip bisque) on March 19.
  • Don’t miss champagne margaritas with the lively Kelly Gardner on March 26.
  • Master Greek food with the lovely Maria Sakellariou on March 25.
  • The art of charcuterie is taught by Stephen Trouvere of Pomme on March 28.
  • Learn how to pronounce and make clear and satisfying Vietnamese pho soups with Katy Colson on April 2.
  • The most beautiful sushi is available from Jay Dedkard, chef-owner of Oishi Sushi, on April 5.
  • Everyone loves Naam Pruitt and her tantalizing Thai food on April 10.
  • Perfect chocolate truffles are achievable under the guidance of pastry chef Barry Marcus on April 17.
  • The always-engaging Jack MacMurray goes Italian on April 26.
  • April 30 features chef Jean-Pierre Auge, whose glorious menus are breath-taking and story-telling is riveting.
  • Knife Skills. Everyone should take this class. May 4. Be there.
  • Put on a hat to join Hilda Willman for a girls’ night out on May 6.
  • Chef Bob Colosimo of Eleven Eleven Mississippi has an all-Italian feast on May 11.
  • Cheese, glorious cheese-making with cheesemaker Neville McNaughton on June 2.
  • Spend Father’s Day with Joe Herbert at the grill on June 19.

All of our cooking classes are delicious, but my favorite spring classes are the ones that feature many morel mushrooms:

  • Chef Eric Kelly of ~Scape will braise morels and scallops, plus make morels and fava bean crostini on April 21.
  • Chef Joshua Galliano of Monarch smokes morel mushrooms, plus roll gnocchi with sauteed morels on April 25.

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