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Let’s bust some myths about cooking. Just because your grandmother always cut the roast in half to fit her pan does not mean that all roasts should be cut in half! Here are corrections to some common misconceptions:

1. Cream does not curdle when boiled. Cream does boil over easily, so cream that comes to a boil can make a big mess on the stove.

2. Searing meat does not “seal in” juices. Searing will caramelize the meat, which adds loads of flavor, but cooking at high heat always releases juices.

3. Meat should be salted before cooking for better flavor. Unsalted meat does not have the flavor of salted meat. Salting meat does not make the meat less juicy. Overcooking the meat makes the meat less juicy.

4. Meat and fish should only be turned once on the grill or fry pan. Stop fiddling and let the meat cook! Continually turning the meat slows down the cooking time and more flipping can mar the appearance of the food. The side of meat that is cooked first is always the best-looking side for presentation.

5. Chicken and turkey should never be cooked to an internal temperature of 180 degrees, because then the meat will be dry and tasteless. Chicken and turkey are fully cooked — and juicy — at 155 degrees.

6. Raw chicken and turkey do not need to be washed before cooking. Cooking the poultry will kill any bacteria; rinsing will not.

7. Apple pies should not be overfilled with apples; the result is a messy spillover in the oven not a better-tasting pie. The fruit should not be higher than the lip of the pie plate so that all of the delicious juices stay inside the pie.

8. If using a garlic press, the garlic does not need to be peeled.

9. Dry beans should be salted at the beginning of cooking. Salt does not toughen beans but adds flavor. Beans will have much less flavor if the salt is only added at the end of cooking.

Have you discovered any myths in the kitchen?

2 Comments for “9 Myths in the Kitchen”  

  1. Anne

    One more myth that I did not include because I thought it had been busted: avocado seeds do not keep guacamole green. Lack of air keeps guacamole green.

  2. natalie (the sweets life)

    I did not know that about garlic presses! Thank you!! :)