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stove.jpgGetting new stoves and ovens is like getting a brand-new kitchen! We have four new Dacor ovens and two new stovetops, each with six burners. We’ve added two extra burners to our Herb kitchen.
The new Dacor ovens feature a glass bottom which protects the bottom heating element from drips and makes clean-up super-easy. All the ovens feature a pure convection setting, which is wonderful for browning foods and baking multiple trays at the same time.

The new Dacor burners are larger than the previous stovetops and so can easily accommodate our favorite 14-inch fry pan from All-Clad. The oven.jpgburners feature 18,000 BTUs, which can accommodate our chefs’ desire for more intense heat. The wide grates allow for pots to easily slide from one burner to another. The sealed bottom is easier to clean-up than the previous cooktops, which had so many parts that had to be individually washed.

Thank you, Dacor, for manufacturing such great equipment!