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peppermate-white_t.jpgpeppermate-black_t.jpgThe New York Times in today’s food section gives a shout-out to our favorite peppermill, the Peppermate. This pepper grinder is fully adjustable, easy to fill, and the large handle is easy to turn to get a volume of freshly-ground pepper. The mill is available in either white or black (I use the white mill for white peppercorns) and features a ceramic grinder.

A reader of The New York Times asks: 

Why is it so hard to find a pepper grinder that works well, and doesn’t need batteries fergawdssakes? Every one I’ve gotten–on recommendations or whim–has failed to function within a few months. How much do I have to spend on something so basic? Thanks for your help!

Florence Fabricant responds:

About 20 years ago friends of ours came out with a peppermill that I still swear by. It’s called the Peppermate. The grind could be adjusted. It was sleek black plastic. It has a snap-on plastic container at the bottom so you can grind out a quantity of pepper and measure it. My friend sold the company so I’m not promoting his product, but I still think it’s a terrific gadget and I use it all the time. Maybe you don’t want to put something like this on the table when you’re setting a sterling-silver dinner, but it certainly is practical. It’s great for the kitchen and it’s very easy to wipe clean.

Thanks, Florence, Peppermate is the peppermill I use every day! My favorite peppercorns are Tellicherry.