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rosette.jpgA delicious holiday treat is a deep-fried rosette. Better than funnel cakes, these crisp pastries are served hot out of the fryer and dusted with powdered sugar. The batter is simple — a thin crepe-like mixture (flour, egg, and milk). Rosettes can be eaten as is, or used as a cup to hold food (the shells in the picture were filled with crabmeat cream sauce).

To make a rosette, dip the iron in the hot oil, then dip in the thin batter, then back into the hot oil. After a minute, release the iron and let the pastry finish browning.

For a selection of rosette iron shapes.

For a deep-fryer.

2 Comments for “Rosette Parade”  

  1. Brenda

    Great idea. I’m making them tonight, but how about a recipe.

  2. deercreek36

    potatoes, onions and oysters…these are worthy of deep frying.