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microplane-extracourse40022_240_t.jpgIt isn’t just knives that get dull with use. Graters and peelers dull with use. If the edge drags and you have to push harder, well, it is time to get a new grater and retire the long-suffering rasp to grater glory. Kitchen Conservatory can sharpen knive blades, but not graters. Yes, it is time for a fresh grater.

There is no better grater than the Microplane grater. It is the Great Grater, especially for parmesan cheese, lemon zest, and nutmeg. The larger Microplane coarse graters are great for cheddar and gruyere cheeses. But with regular use (parmesan cheese is grated everyday in this household), the grater does dull. When I replaced it with a sharp new grater, I couldn’t believe how wonderfully easy it was to grate again.

Okay, you put a Microplane grater in the stocking a few years ago. Do it again even though they did not put it on the wishlist; they don’t know they need a new one. Once they use it, they will bless you for your foresight! Oh, and the $3.95 Swiss peeler should also be replaced at the same time. Get the peeler in red, because then you can always find it in the tool drawer!

One Comment for “A Cook’s Wish List: Microplane Grater”  

  1. Bernard Proactivese

    Microplane is a premier US manufacturer of a wide range of graters, foot files and woodworking tools, where it all began. When woodworking tools cross over into the kitchen things are bound to start getting really interesting, and that is the success story of Microplane. Aspirational kitchen tools, I personally don’t care much for woodworking.