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Everyone is so excited about the movie Julie and Julia and the book Julie and Julia that we have added another session of our sold-out “Julie and Julia” cooking class on September 13.

Once a month, we offer a book club cooking class, “Novel Cuisine,” in which the class reads a book, then we discuss the book and cook food appropriate to the book. The class gets to be both book and food critic at once. We have a group of steady regulars for the club and we welcome newcomers with new opinions (or at least a good imitation of Julia’s voice). See the movie and join us for the added session to discuss Julie and Julia.

The menu, of course, is straight from Mastering the Art of French Cooking: coquilles St. Jacques (yes, more scallops), coq au vin, tomatoes provencale, and pear-almond tart. Bon appetit!
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One Comment for “Encore Julia!”  

  1. Anne

    After hearing so many so-so comments on Julie Powell’s book, I was not excited to read it. But I am really enjoying reading Julie and Julia. She is a clever and witty writer, who shares my passion for liver. The book is much better than the movie. I am tempted to add gimlets and sauteed calves’ liver to the menu!