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potatoplanting.jpgToday, we planted two rows of potatoes: red pontiac and yukon gold. Our garden is almost full; yesterday we put in green peas, spinach, and arugula. The garlic (on the right in the picture) was planted last October and is now ready to be weeded. Still to come are the tomatoes and basil, but the ground needs to warm up first. We will probably plant them in late May (where the stakes are located).

We choose to grow vegetables that are substantially better tasting when home-grown. Potatoes take about 80 days to grow. We cut the seed potatoes (which had sprouted) in half and planted each one nine inches apart. Then we covered the potato with dirt. Since potatoes will not be any deeper in the ground than where they are planted, it is important that that are well-covered in dirt so that the new potatoes do not photosynthesize and turn green. The taste of freshly-dug potatoes is remarkable. For the next 80 days, I will not eat any store-bought potatoes, so that I am hungry for potatoes and ready for the all-potato diet! If you are interested in planting potatoes, they can be purchased at potatogarden.com.