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There are two types of travelers: those who research and plan the very best possible experience (guide book in hand) and those who just wing it. I travel with a starting point and from then on, it’s anybody’s guess. My husband has been know to slam on the brakes for poultry farms, vintage tractor shows, and saw mills. While on vacation this week, he made a swift turn at a pile of lumber which landed us in a wonderful find: Michigan Maple Block.

Michigan Maple Block dries and then cuts magnificent maple trees into beautiful cutting boards. I was smitten by the fine grain and feel of these gorgeous pieces of wood. We knocked on the door and they kindly gave us a tour of their very modern factory. They grow their own wood. Optical eyes scan the pieces of lumber to determine the very best cut. Microwaves instantly adhere the glue to the wood. Of course, the maple cutting boards are fashioned on maple work benches atop a maple floor.

These stunning maple cutting boards (scroll down to maple) are now available at Kitchen Conservatory. The 13×9 oval board with a juice groove is my favorite.

3 Comments for “Will Brake for a Saw Mill”  

  1. Veronica

    I wish I could be a fly on the windshield (er, inside the car, of course) for one of your excursions! The fish post, and this one, are so inspiring to the adventurous spirit – thanks for letting us peek in on your vacation. That fresh salmon sounds fabulous…

  2. Anne

    Thanks, Veronica. The trip was a lot of fun. The spontaneous events are often the most memorable!

  3. Counter Tops Denver

    Fresh salmon! Oh man I would just die if I could get some straight out of a lake or river! That just makes my mouth start to water.

    Oh spontaneous moments are the best! Especially all of the inside jokes you start having with people that travel with you and you can spark memories just by a stupid phrase or something like that. Good stuff!