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The master of Indian curries, Raghavan Iyer, will give a cooking demonstration and book signing at Kitchen Conservatory on Tuesday, September 16 at 6 pm, sponsored by the St. Louis Culinary Society.

Raghavan Iyer is an award-winning cooking instructor and cookbook author. He is on a book tour for his newest cookbook, 660 Curries. Are there really that many curries in India? Actually his first draft had a thousand different curry recipes, but he edited it down to the best 660 curries! “Curry has nothing to do with powder in a can and everything to do with amazing flavors,” he said. Iyer’s curries use seven elements: bitter, sour, sweet, salty, umami, hot, and astringent.

Chef Iyer will give a 45-minute cooking demonstration, followed by a tasting and book signing. Cost is $15 per person. His cookbooks, including 660 Curries, will available for sale.

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