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Ten years ago, we launched www.kitchenconservatory.com to facilitate registering for cooking classes and buying essential kitchen merchandise. Time has come for a brand-new website.

The new and improved www.kitchenconservatory.com features sorting and searching for cooking classes. Rather than scrolling through all the classes to find the one that you want (although the clever titles make that task fun!), type in the kind of class you crave…or the name of your favorite chef, and – voila – you will have a list of just those cooking classes! Plus you can print out the short list of the cooking classes you want!

The online store is now better organized with incredible and beautiful product photos (taken by Ruth Sparrow). Before only a sampling of our 6000 in-store items were on the web; now most everything we sell is online.

We will continue the favorite features of the website: the food blog and commentary, plus we will keep the all the recipes and continue to add new delicious recipes. The handy listings of the restaurants and biographies of the chefs that teach at Kitchen Conservatory are still online. “Ask the Chef” will continue to answer pesky cooking dilemmas. The chef is still available for your kitchen queries!

The new website also features an expanded and more usable gift registry (not just for brides, but for any gift-giving occasion!). Gift certificates can now be purchased online and used online or in the store – for either cooking classes or kitchen tools.

Please visit our new home-away-from Kitchen Conservatory. Browse around www.kitchenconservatory.com; we would love to hear your comments.

3 Comments for “A New Look”  

  1. Alanna

    The new course listings are spectacular, how great to be able to find a class so quickly, or just browse, either way. Nice work, Anne! (And Christi too!)

  2. Veronica

    WOW! The new site looks amazing! Hard work, but well done; it looks and functions outstanding! Congrats Anne and Ruth and Dawn and Barb and everyone!

  3. Anne

    A big thank you to both Alanna and Veronica for your continued support of Kitchen Conservatory! The new site is a labor of love with important contributions from many people.