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turkflod-5.jpgThis view is from my back yard: wild turkeys looking for love in the floodwaters. We have had so much rain and the field is so muddy, that nothing has been planted. I’m afraid we will miss the spring crops (greens and peas) and go directly to the hot weather crops of tomatoes and basil.

2 Comments for “Why Did the Turkey Cross the Road?”  

  1. deercreek36

    What has all the water done to your garlic crop?

    Can you tell the males from the females?

    Are any of them smiling?

  2. Anonymous

    we have wild turkeys running all over our neighborhood, they are the most amusing creatures on this good earth! The males have the most colorful feathers and all I can say is do not drive through the herd when a male turkey is persuing a female, they will fly at your car in a rage.