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This morning while listening to Diane Rehm’s show, I was treated to some wonderful anecdotes from people who have been using The Silver Palate Cookbook for years, plus stories from Julee Rosso and Sheila Lukins themselves. I have used their books and have loved them. They have just issued a 25th anniversary edition which we currently have at Kitchen Conservatory for sale. If you have not used their books, go get or order it NOW!! People use these recipes for entertaining as well as everyday cooking for family. The many traditions that these recipes have given birth to, I can only imagine. You can go to www.npr.org and click on the Diane Rehm show from Tuesday, hour two and listen to the fabulous stories from people across the country. Start creating your own traditional family recipes, because if you don’t have them, I can tell you that something is missing. Somehow, take-out food does not leave warm, fuzzy feelings. Stuff maybe important to pass on to future generations, but I cherish food memories, such as the love and spirit of Nana’s stuffed cabbage and Grandpa’s chicken soup.