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2007-243crois3-another.JPGIn the space of 4 days, I gave 2 tutorials on the art of making croissant from scratch. The first group was 2 women who have tremendous baking experience between them. My second class was a 5 1/2 year old and a 9 year old. They also, surprisingly enough, are experienced bakers for such youngsters. After years of making croissant on a daily basis, it was wonderful to be laminating again, shaping the rolled triangles, and regarding the layers of butter and dough which result in such a remarkable pastry. It felt great to have my hands in the flour and feel the texture of the cool block of croissant dough. I had captive audiences both here at the Kitchen Conservatory and in Washington, DC as I tried to explain step by step how temperature and touch are crucial aspects of making this dough successfully. Why did these people have such an interest in learning the art of the croissant? The challenge, of course, to understand and master the secrets of that magical dough that yields tender yet crusty pastries that melt in your mouth. To have the ability in your very own hands to make a pain au chocolat that tastes as good as what you might get in a Parisian boulangerie; that is a wonderful skill! Seeing the joy on the women’s faces as they opened the oven to witness their first attempts was so great for me. Those little boys could barely wait to put the hot croissant in their mouths! I left both experiences thrilled in the knowledge that I had passed on some of my love of the art of pastry to people I know will cherish it and continue their quest to become experts.

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Marla Scissors, who teaches baking and pastry classes at Kitchen Conservatory, contributes occasionally to What’s Stirring.

One Comment for “If you have succeeded, the crust shatters as you take your first bite. . .”  

  1. Roz Teper

    Your father sent me this website and I found it so interesting. I do not consider myself a baker, rather a cook. Baking is such an art, especially making doughs of all types.
    Please take care of yourself. I did enjoy your blog.
    My love,