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Beware of laws that dictate what people can eat. New York City has recently banned trans fats because hydrogenated oils may increase the risk of heart disease. But do-gooder laws often have unintended consequenses and this law is no exception. Trans fats are naturally occuring in butter, milk, beef, poultry, cheese, and other delicious foods. The result? Bakeries are now selling croissants made with palm oil instead of butter. Banning trans fats diminishes our food choices and does not improve our palate.

At Kitchen Conservatory, we have always defended delicious food, inspite of food police who want to legislate what is “safe” to eat. Our motto is “It’s Better with Butter,” because all foods tastes better with the addition of butter. Don’t let the bureaucrats take away the foods you want to eat!

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6 Comments for “Trans Fat Tragedy”  

  1. Brenda

    Way to go Kitchen Conservatory!!! The problem with the American diet is how much we eat, everything in moderation. Watch out, next it will be a crime to eat Beef Wellington.

  2. Anne

    The trans fat in both beef and the puff pastry in beef Wellington is illegal in New York City. The food police prefer to selectively enforce the laws against the foods they don’t approve of.

  3. Alanna

    Ha. So what are we to do? I do want butter in my croissants! But I don’t want hydrogenated soy oil in my cauliflower – a Birds Eye product I tested this week.

  4. mjo

    Legislation is not the answer. Education about eating in moderation and wholesome ingredients would be better. Promote the food pyramid. We need to take responsibility for our actions and stop suing tobacco companies and fast food companies. Nobody is forcing you to smoke or dine only on fast food. Anne, I’m sorry to tell you this, but every once in awhile I crave McDonald’s french fries and I give in.
    I just read that the CIA VP of Continuing Education is appealing to the restaurant community to start taking the responsibility for creating the high fat menues. He’s right, the onus is on our community to create more healthful, less artificial foods. It’s too easy just to say we are giving our customers what they want. Sorry to be so lengthy, but this is a subject near and dear to my heart. I can’t even talk about a croissant that is not made with butter!!!

  5. Nupur

    The word “tragedy” seems more appropriate when you look at the rates of heart disease in this country. My heart breaks for your butter-less croissant but consider for a minute the situation in so many low-income neighbourhoods that have no farmer’s markets, no stores selling wholesome foods, and delis packed with shelves selling trans-fat rich cookies and chips. All the nice buttery snacks are being sold in stores that are unaffordable to those most at risk for heart disease. I am no fan of the nanny state either but your chirpy “everything is better with butter” attitude blows my mind!

  6. Anne

    What food does not taste better with the addition of butter?

    We live in food-rich society that can choose cooking fat…but in order to maintain that choice, you have to be able to cook. Prepared foods are no guarantee of quality, even if they come from “gourmet” stores. The shop that sells the palm oil croissants is Starbucks.

    And yes, I am chirpy about butter, because it is delicious. And butter (plus other foods) is under attack from the food police. All, and I do mean all, foods should be eaten in moderation. Health problems come from a lack of portion control. Heart disease has much more to do with genetics than it does with diet.