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Exciting news! Chef and author Doug Psaltis, who read the Kitchen Conservatory blog, will call from New York during the cooking class on Sunday, January 21 and join in on the discussion of his book and his life. What a great opportunity to listen and talk to an accomplished chef. Don’t miss this special opportunity; call 866-862-2433 to make a reservation for the cooking class from 1 to 3:30 pm!

8 Comments for “Seasoning of a Chef Update”  

  1. Alanna

    Congratulations! That will be a highlight of the afternoon, no doubt!

  2. Anne

    Chef Doug Psaltis did call in and join our book club discussion. It was great fun to actually speak and ask questions of the author. He sounded like his voice in his book: open, genial, and very hard-working. He is currently chefing at Country, a restaurant in New York City. On his recommendation, we put olives in the duck confit. I would recommend his memoir to anyone who wants to be a chef.


  3. Brenda

    Come on did he really just check the blog or did you contact him???

  4. Anne

    Brenda: yes, chef Doug Psaltis found us through a Google search…and I invite all the authors of our book club selections to join us for a fun afternoon. The food is always delicious!


  5. PaulD

    It was indeed great fun to talk directly to Doug Psaltis! His enthusiasm for his profession came through strongly, just as it does in his book (even after so many years of incredibly hard work – including some times that he admits were less than successful).

    Anne’s cooking was also great, as usual (and who wouldn’t love a meal of lobster and duck!). I hope others out there will give the novel cuisine classes a try: they are tremendous.

  6. Arlyn

    It was a great Sunday afternoon! What could be better- discussing a food book, eating duck confit, and talking to the author. I can’t wait until next month when we discuss United States of Arugula. Did David Kamp say he was available? :> Just kidding.

  7. Arlyn

    During our last cooking class, we talked about future books. So I thought I’d go to my bookshelf and pull down some of the books I have collected but haven’t read yet. I thought I would list- just in case they may be of interest for future book club classes. Also, David Kamp mentions quite a few books that sound good.

    Omnivore’s Dilemna- Pollan
    Her fork in the Road- edited by Lisa Bach
    Choice Cuts- Kurlansky
    Perfection Salad- Shapiro (this is one in the Library Food Series)
    The man who ate everything- Steingarten
    The Tummy Trilogy- Trillin
    Delights and Prejudices- James Beard
    The Apprentice- Jacque Pepin
    The Last Days of Haute Cuisine- Kug
    Buon Appetito Your Holiness- Rinaldi and Vicini
    Apples- Browning
    Cooking for Kings- Ian Kelly

    Just a thought. I am loving United States of Arugula- don’t want it to end.

  8. Anne

    Arlyn: Thank you for the comments. I do plan to do Omnivore. I was bored by Perfection Salad…maybe others will overrule me, but I don’t know the other books. I would like comments on whether we should do Toast; I’ve heard conflicting reviews.

    Our next books are United States of Arugula (Feb 18), The Big Oyster (March 4), Climbing the Mango Trees (April 22), The Perfectionist (May 20). Please join us for lunch and discussion on these Sundays from 1 to 3:30 pm. (register at http://www.kitchenconservatory.com)