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Cakes & Sweet Breads Archive

What’s not love about a small, perfect bite of sweet deliciousness? Cupcakes are so hard to resist that Kitchen Conservatory is going cupcake crazy. Each week we will post a new cupcake recipe and bake these delicious treats at Kitchen Conservatory. Stop by to taste our favorite cupcakes! We have loads of colorful cupcake papers […]

I am often asked, “Do you really cook every day?” Yes, because cooking and baking offer so much pleasure! Yes, we do bake every day in the kitchens of Kitchen Conservatory. Stop by and taste some of our delicious samples of wonderfully-aromatic baked goodies. This week features a tropical version of the classic banana bread, […]

Whether you call them scones or biscuits, warm and buttery pieces of bread are irresistible. Stud the scones with chocolate and cherries and a simple dough is a beautiful gift. Stop by Kitchen Conservatory to taste a sample of these yummy rolls. This scone recipe is courtesy of store manager and pastry maven Hilda Willman. […]

When liquids are reduced — and the excess water boiled away — the flavor of the liquid is concentrated and wonderful. All kinds of liquids can be reduced and used as a very flavorful addition to food: chicken or beef stock, balsamic vinegar, port wine or other wines, or heavy cream. A wonderful liquid to […]

Chef Mickey Kitterman teaches delightful cooking classes with delicious food. On November 10, he is reprising his famous fried chicken class (the St. Louis Post-Dispatch declared his fried chicken as the best!) and he is teaching a wonderful holiday meal on December 14: pan-roasted maple sugar-bourbon glazed quail with roasted grape vinaigrette and maple sugar-frosted […]

For several years, bread was out of fashion, but we are so happy that bread is back in fashion. Bread is so wonderful to eat and even better to smell fresh out of the oven. For those afflicted with fear of bread, please sign up for one of these wonderful bread-baking classes: “Sourdough Bread” on […]

Quick breads are wonderful to bake: they smell delicious, they taste delicious, they are easy and quick to make and bake, and they are irresistible to eat. Plus, quick breads often use leftover ingredients, such as overripe bananas. At Kitchen Conservatory, we are baking different quick breads each week. Please stop by to smell and […]

The “Let’s Eat” section of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch featured an article by Shirley Corriher about pound cake, which drew a lot of attention. She calls for baking the cake in a pullman bread pan, because the right-angle sides (most bread pans have slanted sides) produce a pretty dessert when the slices are cut on […]

The worst part about New Year’s Day is the resolutions. People go on diets. They stop eating food that tastes good and try to eat food that tastes bad (so that they won’t eat too much of it). They say no when I offer tastes of delicious food. Every morsel of food that you put […]

On her birthday, I served her favorite dessert, blueberry pie. A month later, friends were still clamoring for a chocolate birthday cake. Is it really a birthday if you can’t have your cake and eat it too? So we celebrated again. I first made this cake for a party I catered 15 years ago. One of the guests liked […]