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Cooking School Archive

For many diners, Indian cuisine is a mystery. So many spices! Plus, India is a huge country with different regional specialties. Many of the Indian restaurants in St. Louis are northern India. Aruna Menon, a culinary instructor at Kitchen Conservatory, hails from southern India where the cuisine is hotter and includes lots of fish and […]

By popular demand, Kitchen Conservatory has added four new cooking classes: Ciao Down on Pizza on Saturday, March 30 at 11 am Improve your Italian with Anne Cori, who shares the secrets to incredible homemade pizza dough. This hands-on class will create caramelized onion-fig jam-bacon-gorgonzola pizza, roasted garlic-spinach-parmesan pizza with a balsamic syrup drizzle, homemade […]

What’s for dinner? If you were given a piece of meat, could you make dinner? This challenge is often seen on television, but you never know what tricks are played to achieve a winner. At a live event, anything can happen! An extraordinary competition took place last Monday night at Kitchen Conservatory that showcased five […]

200 brand-new cooking classes are now available! Browse through our schedule online and register for a delicious cooking adventure. Taste some of the cuisines we’re cooking: Brazilian, Chinese, Cuban, French, Greek, Indian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Moroccan, Persian, Portuguese, Southern, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese — plus lots of baking, candy, chocolate, and decorating classes. We […]

Two new cooking classes are now available at Kitchen Conservatory in October: “My Favorite Pies” on Sunday, October 9 from 12:30 to 3:30 pm focuses on learning how to make the flakiest and best pie crust with the most popular fillings: apple, cherry, lemon meringue, and maple custard. The secrets to perfect pie dough that […]

Ray writes, “The soubise. I love it!” The recipe for this French-style risotto is here: Soubise. Betsy writes, “Mine is from the Novel Cuisine class with Appetite for America: the cauliflower recipe from the chefs at Union Station. It’s the go-to dish for potlucks. Everyone raves about it!” Thanks, Betsy, here it is: St. Louis […]

Adding a smoky flavor to foods can make a dish memorable. Today’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch Let’s Eat features a salad dressing made with smoked onions. Of course, you could just eat the smoked onions by themselves as they are a wonderful condiment. Their Caesar salad dressing recipe calls for pureeing the smoked onions with mayonnaise. […]

Our new cooking class schedule is our best ever! This fabulous agenda offers 200 delicious cooking classes! The variety of food is so exciting. You must read the newsletter to laugh at all of Ruth Sparrow’s clever titles. Please welcome these new chefs to our kitchens: Wil Pelly the sous-chef of Sanctuaria, goes Cuban on […]

Everyone loves to cook when the weather is cold! Many of our most popular cooking classes are sold out, but these classes still have space available and should not be missed: Sunday, January 30: Matt Herren, an extraordinary bread baker who uses natural leavening will share the secrets of his artisanal breads in a very […]

Mark Sanfilippo, chef-owner of Salume Beddu and a teacher at Kitchen Conservatory, is pictured in a front page article in today’s Wall Street Journal. Mark cures pork using traditional Italian methods. He makes soppressata, coppa, pancetta, spicy and sweet sausages, guanciale, and salami. His small-batch production usually sells out, but you can taste his creations in several cooking […]